Hole in Pool Wall

by Andy
(Akron ohio)

Rust Hole In Pool Wall

Rust Hole In Pool Wall

Hi, I just found a round rust hole about 1 and 1/2 inch diameter near the bottom of my pool wall.
The pool is only two years old . I can see some of my liner through it. Not leaking yet, however pool is only 3/4 full because it's still closed from winter.

I did replace the one year old liner last spring due to leak. We do not remember seeing any rust at that time , again the pool is only two years old.

My question is this , should I repair this area with sheet metal using the "sanding, painting, duct taping " or all the above, plus nuts and bolts. Will using nuts and bolts increase the strength and safety of the repair?

Any advise, Thanks. Andy

Akron OH

18' round 52" Asahi. Freedom

Hi Andy

This can be patched using the sanding, painting, sheet metal and duct tape method. I would do them all. Bolts or rivets are optional.

If you plan to reuse the liner do not drain the pool completely, leave a couple of inches in the bottom to hold the liner in place and keep it from shrinking. Someone will have to hold the liner back while the repairs are being made.

The bottom of the pool is where most of the pressure is so the repair needs to be good. Examine the rest of the wall for any other signs of rust and take care of any you see before they become holes.

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Apr 12, 2014
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for your advise. Warm weather on the way so a repair and complete inspection of wall will be taking place soon.

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