How Do I Get Variable Levels Of Depth

by JC
(Providence, RI)

Variable Depth Idea

Variable Depth Idea

Ok, I am new at this above ground pool thing, Anyway, I just moved to a new house with a yard that screams for a pool for this hot summer.

I found out that my yard needs to be leveled before even thinking installing an above ground pool. I am planning to have a 15' x 42".

This is the issue.. my youngest daughter is only 3 years old (41" height) and by oldest daughter is a teenager (she wants to be able to dive) lol..

so.. I was thinking that I might use that difference of level in the ground to have different depth inside the pool. Anyway I will dig in the higher ends to fit the pool frame and at least has the frame leveled, but will keep the dirt as it is for the inside of the pool, so when I put the liner in, it will come with variable levels.

Well, that is my idea... but.. how bad is this idea? Will it be more water pressure in one side than the other? Will my pool look crooked even I level the frame?

I will much appreciate any comments from you guys...

I am attaching a picture of what I have in mind.

JC This is not something I would do. The kids will be fine with the pool all the same level, they really will. At least my four daughters were. They grew up in pools with a 48" wall giving us about 3' 6" of depth.

You run the risk of the pool being lopsided and collapsing. It is also next to impossible to get the bottom smooth, leaving wrinkles all over the place making it harder to clean.

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