How Long can a Doughboy Liner Sit Empty

by Dylan
(Olympia, WA )

Hi, we bought our house recently. In the back is a Doughboy brand pool, not really sure about make, model or even the year.

The pool is full of old very dirty water and will need to be drained completely in order to get it clean. I've read that the liners can shrink.

How long can the liner sit dry before this happens? Also would it work to drain, clean, and refill it within a day?

Any thoughts? Thanks.

Hi Dylan

The best bet would be not to drain it completely.

The amount of shrinkage depends on the age of the liner. Normally after two seasons it is not safe to completely drain.

All liners will shrink but younger liners will retain enough elasticity to stretch back into shape. The older the liner is the less elasticity it has.

I would drain down to about a foot of water. During the drain time try and keep all the junk stirred up so that most of it drains out. At a foot of water you can get in and clean out a lot of other stuff.

I would then refill, shock with chlorine, and let the filter run. Most everything still in the water will filter out.

Draining all the way will come with it's risks. Be prepared to replace the liner if you do. Some people see no other choice and take the chance. If that's the case do it all in one day.

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