How Much Foam

by Rachell
(West Virginia)

We are installing a 30ft round pool with a j hook liner. We have very rocky dirt so we are planning on using some limestone sand to level it out a bit more and to help keep the rock from coming through. We are unsure of the next step. The pool store recommended 2 inches of masonry sand under the liner. We were debating using foam though. Does that mean we need to use 2 inches of foam? The foam boards are like $34 each for a 2x8. That would be way over our price range. Would 1 inch boards cause our liner to stretch too much since it's a j hook and can't be adjusted? We are so lost!!!!

Hi Rachell,

I would look very hard for 4' x 8' sheets, it would be cheaper that way. One inch is fine if you have a a well packed and smooth sand base under it.

As far as the thickness and liner issues, I would much rather the liner be a little tight than a little loose. It is much easier to stretch the liner with a little hot sunshine than it is to shrink a liner.

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Jul 08, 2014
by: rachelle

Thanks for your response! I did realize I made an error, I was looking at 4'x 8' sheets. My husband figured we would need 25 sheets. Does that sound about right for a 30 ft pool?


To cover the full 30' x 30' square you would need just over 28. That would mean making good use of all the available material, which can be hard to do. Using 32 sheets would give you a 32' square to work with, allowing you to use the largest pieces possible. That makes fewer seams, less taping and less chance of the foam separating.

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