How to tell if you need a 48" or 52 " liner

by Karl Spicer
(Mineral Virginia)

I have a 24 foot pool, last year the liner ruptured. I was wondering how I could tell if I need to purchase a 48" or 52" liner.

As well it is beaded, how do you get the old liner out of the beaded liner rail.

Hi Karl.

To measure the wall you could just go up under the top rail, to the top of the wall, and measure down to the bottom of the bottom track. This can be done on the inside or the outside of the pool, whichever is easier to access the bottom rail.

Removing the liner is pretty easy. I start by coming down about six inches from the top and cutting the liner out with a razor knife. This leaves only the top portion still attached to the pool and it is easier to work with. You can then use a small screwdriver and pry up a small section of the bead, it should easily come out of the receiver. Cut the liner again at this point so you have two ends. By taking one end you can start pulling up and it should all come out without much effort.

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Apr 10, 2011
15 x 30 New Liner 52" in 48"
by: Paula

I purchased a beaded liner online (no returns) and ordered a 52". I believe the pool which is not assembled yet is a 48". Should I dig the dirt 4 inches deeper or can I just make this an overlap pool? Is the size determined by the height of the wall? Thank you very much!!


I would use it as an overlap. You should have no problem doing that. Yes, it is the wall height that determines whether it is 48" or 52".

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