I'm Under The Water

by Linda

Hi Dennis, Just about 5 weeks ago I took a niece (10 yrs) and nephew (5 yrs) to the pool. In they jumped. The 5 yr old had a noodle to hold on to. I was still getting towels situated and the like. Next thing I knew the 5 year old had lost his noodle and was under the water. I jumped in and pulled him out before he actually inhaled, but it did take a few days off my life.

My response to this was of course to begin swimming lessons that very day. While I was teaching him to go under water, jump in to me and such, he started talking about his previous scare. I asked him what he was thinking about while he was under water. He said, "I was thinking - I'm under the water. This sucks. I'm probably going to die!"

I'm happy to report I went swimming with this child yesterday and he is now able to swim under water, float on his back, and get his head out of the water for air. And I still wouldn't take my eyes off him at the pool, but I do feel more comfortable being there with him.

Thanks for the public service you are providing.


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Aug 03, 2008
Started swim lessons
by: Dennis

Linda, thank you taking the time to share your story. I would like to stress the importance of three concepts taken from your words.

It can happen in the blink of an eye. You were just getting your stuff situated and the next thing you know the little guy is face down in the water.

What on earth could a child be thinking when they are face down in the water and about to drown? Why aren't they thinking things like, if I kick my legs maybe I can get my head above water, if I roll over maybe my face will be out of the water? "I was thinking - I'm under the water. This sucks. I'm probably going to die!" Children do not have the reasoning power of adults and what may seem obvious to us is not in their realm of reality.

You jumped right into making sure this would never happen again. You started swimming lessons the same day. Once the boy was swimming on his own you had earned yourself a little piece of mind.

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