Inground Pool Concern

by Sue
(Martinsville VA)

Hi. I just had my inground pool liner replaced after waiting 5 years to do so. My first liner lasted 15 years. I asked for foam under the liner like my first one had, and the pool people wrote that down.

Well, I came home one day to see the liner in the pool, but they forgot to put the foam on the walls of the pool first. Also, there are rocks in the 4 foot end on the bottom that you can feel. It has the vermiculite and portland cement bottom.

The liner is stretched so tight in the corners that the design is distorted where it is pulled so tight. My first liner never looked like this in the corners. The pool people said it is suppose to be tight like that in the corners, but they haven't even looked at it.

See, the pool company that I paid my deposit to didn't have anyone to work on the bottom of the pool, and install a liner. They had to hire an out of town company that I've never heard of. The pool company that I paid a deposit to hasn't even looked at the work that was done. It's just a mess I think.

Now I'm unhappy and they want $3,100 more dollars, which was suppose to be only $2,000 more, but they said the other pool company charged them more, so they are making me pay more. It's not my fault that they didn't have someone to do the work. I think the man who was doing the pool work must have quit. They should have given me my deposit back, and told me they didn't have anyone at this time to do the work, instead of finding just anyone who would do a fast job.

I can't talk to them because they get upset and yell. This is not my fault. But, I am very unhappy with this work, and don't think I should have to pay $3,000 more for something that looks like it does. Any comments that might help would be appreciated. Sue

Hi Sue.

It sound like you have every reason to be upset. I do not think the pool company has any reason to expect payment until you are a happy customer. At least that's the way I work.

I also feel it is wrong to up the price without telling you before hand. If you are quoted four thousand for a job that is what you expect to pay. They cannot do the job and say it is now going to be five thousand because they ran into problems, that is just wrong.

I would have a hard time paying more than I was quoted and a really hard time paying for a job I was not happy with.

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