Installation of Beaded Liner

by Lynn

My husband and I have just finished installing a used 24 ft. 52 in. round AGP. We had no problem installing the new beaded liner, however, the side we finished up at was not flush with the wall - there were a few inches of air space between wall and liner.

We were able to remove wrinkles from the floor with no problem. As the water started filling from the water hose there was a lot of air between the liner and the wall all the way around. We can see in the skimmer hole and there is about a 6 inch space between the liner and the cove on the floor. (We used a sand base with a liner shield padding on top and foam cove).

The floor seam of the liner is about 6 inches above the cove. The temp was almost 100 today. Prior to starting the water hose we had a very brief rain shower. Could the combination of the cold rain and cold water hose water have caused the liner to shrink?

There is about 4 inches of water in the pool now and the air space, even on the floor level, seems to grow the more we add. The liner is not flush against the cove at any point. Will more water weight stretch the liner to touch the cove?

Hi Lynn.

The liner will become completely different depending on the amount of sun it is exposed to. A cold liner will shrink and become unworkable. A hot liner will become very pliable and do an amazing job of stretching.

I would wait for the sun to melt the liner and start filling it again. This should work. You could also use the vacuum method of installing beaded liners that is described on this page.

Beaded Liner Installation

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Jul 25, 2011
by: Lynn

Thank you for your response. Every time we run into a problem I have come to your website and I think my husband is sick of hearing me say "Well on the site, Dennis says..." We now have about 20 inches of water in the pool and the liner is flush with the cove & wall at all points! YEAH! We were getting really nervous there for a while. Our liner came out of the track in about a foot long space but we were able to get it back in and all seems to be well at this point. Keeping our fingers crossed! Thank you again!

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