Installing a Pool on Wet Ground

by Bobbi
(Fair Grove, MO, USA)

We bought our pool in March and it has been raining every since. My husband only has limited time off work and we need to get this pool done while he's off. We have a lime/sand base and with the rain it's wet.

As long as there is not standing water on the base is it safe to go ahead and construct the pool? Are there any future problems that you could see with this? Thanks.

Hi Bobbi.

My rule of thumb about installing pools on wet ground is this, if you can walk across the area without sinking or leaving large footprints, you should be just fine.

The biggest problems with installing the a pool on soggy ground are:

1. The pool sinking or settling in areas. It is hard to say for sure the pool is being set up on firm solid ground.

2. The other big problem you may have is footprints in the bottom of the pool. The moisture under the pool may take a long time to dry. As you are first using the pool it may still be wet and just using the pool could cause footprints. These footprints make cleaning the pool difficult.

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May 27, 2011
same problem
by: Lilly

We had a similar problem, its been raining here in Pgh for days with no breaks. We have a 21x52 round, it has been up for 10 yrs and had to replace the liner, originally on the bottom we had heavy duty landscaper's paper, when we finally had a nice day (so we thought) we took the old liner out and it started to rain, the bottom which also had a layer of sand was soaked and puddles, we took an old rug cleaner and sucked the water out to the point it was just wet then put a layer of 4x8 custom round cut styro on top (this day it was sunny)put the liner in and the sun soften it up (beaded liner)it turned out beautiful...the styro on the bottom left no prints and the liner was actually easier to get the wrinkles...not one wrinkle. But our situation was that the base of our pool had been established, its been up and operating now for over a week and the water level around the pool is perfect, we really like the styro base.....good luck to you.

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