Installing Doughboy Liner with Deep End

by Darlene
(St Cloud, Mn)

Hi, We are about to embark on an adventure of replacing our pool liner with a deep end. It is a 28' round Doughboy. How do we line up the seams for the expandable bottom? Do we place it 12" below the top rails and fill or is there a trick? We are nervous about this but not willing to pay $3000 to have the already purchased liner put in. thanks!

Hi Darlene

Some of your questions are answered on this page.

Expandable Liner Installation

I bring the liner seam to about 6" from the top ledge. It's important this be even all the way around.

The tricks come in knowing when to let the liner down and knowing when to kill the water and finish the installation.

The liner will need let down as the deep end fills. This means going from post to post and releasing a small amount of liner. Keep it tight but don't over stretch. This needs to be done many times as the pool is filling.

If you get too much water in the pool it gets to be nearly impossible to pull the liner up tight. I would stop the hose when you think the water is about 3-4 inches from the wall. You can then pull the liner snug and let it finish stretching when the hose is turned back on.

The more sunlight the better when doing a deep end. Stretching a liner that is in the shadows can have strange results, and usually a lot of wrinkles. A liner with half sun and half shade can get really weird. If you can find about a four hour span when the whole pool is in sunlight, that's the best time to install the liner.

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