Installing Pool On Rocky Ground

by Carolyn Kuntz
(Burden, Kanas)

We live in the Flint Hills of KS where our ground is very rocky. We've cleared a place for our Doughboy 16' x 32' pool, and it is smooth and ready, but here in the Flint Hills, rock continually surfaces and we're afraid of it ruining the liner in time.

What would you suggest as a barrier to use under the liner? I've read a bout the foam here, but wonder if it would stop the rocks from breaking through. Any help you can offer would be great.

Thanks, Carolyn

Hi Carolyn.

There a couple different ways you could go depending on how much time and money you wanted to put into it.

A couple inches of crusher run, from there nearest sand and rock company, makes a nice base for an above ground pool and puts some distance between the liner and any rocks that might come up. This would be spread out and leveled, and then watered and packed. It is often much easier to work with for the final leveling, and the setting of the braces, than rocky dirt. Sand still gets used over top of this, of course.

If you have managed to get the dirt leveled just the way you want it you might want to just go with a couple layers of landscape plastic. This does add some protection. It also keeps the sand from getting any rocks or dirt in it while you are spreading and smoothing it.

The sheets of foam might work but they need to be installed on a very smooth base. They are expensive, time consuming to work with, and can be somewhat of a pain, but they do make a nice base for the liner.

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May 24, 2011
by: Carolyn Kuntz

Thanks so much for the information. I think the crusher run would probably work for us the best.

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