Soft-Sided Pool Wall Cut

by Brandi

Soft Side Pool Wall Cut

Soft Side Pool Wall Cut

I just recently got an above ground pool and my neighbor cut the wall near the bottom. It's a metal frame pool and the cut is from one pole to the other.

How can I fix that? He also cut the cord to my pump. Can the cord be fixed without having to replace the entire thing?

Hi Brandi.

Not a very nice neighbor, I hope this kind of stuff does not happen all the time. Have you checked into whether or not either your, or their, insurance will cover the damage. I don't think the pool can be repaired, at least I have never heard of it being done. I'm pretty sure it needs to be replaced. The cord can be spliced but if you get a new pool it will come with a new pump.

If anyone out there has had experience with major repairs on soft sided pools maybe they will offer more advice.

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Baseball Bat to a Pool

by Kim
(Fayetteville, AR)

My 10 year old son hit the side of my neighbors 18ft Intex metal frame pool on a dare. It is freezing cold here and it split a tear in their pool about 12-15 inches long about midway down the height of the pool. (About where you would expect it to hit if a boy took a baseball bat to it.)

The water starting gushing out (of the pool and my son's eyes). Is there anyway to repair this damage? We are making my son pay for the damage and are trying to figure out what to do. Ahh, the joys of parenting!!

Thanks, Kim

Hi Kim

Yes, the joys of parenting. None of my kids did any of the stupid things I did when I was a kid, at least not that I know of, so in that regard I have been blessed.

I was in my backyard once with my BB gun and got bored with shooting at my target. I decided to send a few into the air. We later got the bill for my neighbors glass sliding door.

The neighbors pool will need a new liner. Replacement linings for frame pools are available but probably not much less expensive than a whole new pool. At least that is what I have been told.

Do some research and find the best price. Hopefully you can all get together and share the labor of replacing it. If not, then there will be a labor charge involved also.

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Will My Soft Sided Pool Liner Stretch

by Jessica

We installed a 17x52 AGP a few weeks ago and in true new-owner fashion had to drain it last weekend when we determined it was leaning too badly to ignore. We use a line-level a couple of days ago and got it down to less than 1/4 inch variance at every pole.

This is a "frameless" pool, btw - Summer Escapes - meaning the liner is hung on poles, and not inside of a metal frame. It looks like a bag/bladder full of water (you've seen em...) We have an Armor Shield pad underneath it, the yard, a 2" foam pad to raise the sidewalk portion to level with the ground, and varying-sized pavers under 14 of 16 of the legs. The lowest point came up about 4 1/2 inches! Luckily, none of the legs or joints were bent/bowed when we emptied and re-leveled it.

So now, because we didn't raise the ground to meet the liner on the sloped side, we have a deep end. The last two weeks it's been in the 80's here in central KY, and got into the 50's a few nights. Today it got into the 90's and the rest of the week will be hotter - highest is 96/97. We have little-to-no shade over the pool so I'm hoping the liner will gradually stretch down to meet the ground, as the water warms and the sun beats down on the liner.

The largest gap between the bottom liner seam and the ground is about 3 inches; right now the 'back' end is simply suspended on the legs and joints. We haven't gotten in it, yet, and I'm honestly a little worried to.... I'm having nightmares about buckling/slipping legs, a split seam, or ripped top-ring loops.

Can I expect my liner to stretch enough? Should I be worried about the water weight on the frame? In addition, should I try and shove cove or something into the 'open' spaces under the side that is not resting on the ground?

ANY input would help!

Hi Jessica

I doubt that the liner will stretch much, it's not like a vinyl liner. I would try padding it like you suggested, it might work.

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Holes in Bottom of Pool

by Sharon
(St Marys, OH)

We have a 17'x 17'cement pad that we put our pool on. The pool is a 16' by 48" Intex Ultraset. I feel like I have found out the reason for the holes. I think it is no pad under the liner, just a tarp. Can I use a pool pad under a pool that must be taken down in winter and put back up in summer? If so do I need the slanted thing around the edges and how would I do this??? Would like to have one that does not have to be taken down. Trouble finding a 16' one. Are there permanent above ground pools in this size?

Hi Sharon

The only above ground pool steel wall pool, that I know about, in the 16' size is the Doughboy brand, any Doughboy dealer could help you out with one. Your other options are going with a 15' round steel wall pool, or ordering a pad for your existing pool.

I'm not sure not having a pad under your pool is causing the holes but it might be, it would certainly be easier on the feet with the pad.

The preformed pool cove is only needed on steel wall pools, not on the Intex ones. A steel wall pool set up on concrete should have a pool pad and the pool coving. It is also helpful if the pad is level.

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