Intex Liner Replacement

by Courtney

I have a 24'x52" metal frame Intex above ground pool that is barely less then a year old and the seam came apart at the bottom of the pool.

I have been shopping around for a replacement liner for a couple of days and can't seem to come across anything but Intex brand.

Does anyone else make liners that will fit Intex pools? If not is there anywhere I can find the liner cheaper than going through the Intex website?

I don't know if the seam tear is a defect in my liner or if this is a common problem for Intex liner.

I paid over $1200 for this pool and in less then one year I have to shell out $600 for a new liner if I buy it from Intex.

Hi Courtney.

It sounds to me like it should be under warranty. Are you sure they won't replace it free of charge.

I have no experience with replacement liners for the Intex pools so I could not tell you if other pool manufacturers make a liner that would fit it. Hopefully by posting this a site visitor with more knowledge in this area could help us both out.

It seems like a lot of money for a pool that age. Hopefully someone can come along and help you out.

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Aug 09, 2011
24'x52" Intex Grey Pool
by: Debbie

Hi. I saw your post and I'm in the same situation is you. It's not worth buying a liner from Intex for that much money while you can get the whole pool from Wal-Mart around the same amount. I'm curious as to whether you ever purchase another liner or not and if you can give me some information too.

thanks, Debbie

Aug 10, 2011
Same situation with Intex
by: Heather

My Intex pool was just passed the warranty and it was also a defective liner, but they wouldn't replace it. It's $700 for the liner and they only last about 1 season. It's such a rip off. I'll never buy an Intex product.

Dec 03, 2011
pool liner
by: Anonymous

Hello, I purchased an Intex above ground 16 x 48 and in less then 5 months the liner ripped. I too am trying to find a replacement liner but not as expensive as Intex.

Apr 14, 2012
Intex pool liner seam rip
by: Tina

My intexstore pool, 18x52 also ripped at the seam. I have been trying to patch it but it still leaks. I have tried the wet patch but it just doesn't hold. I'm at a loss at this point. Last summer I bought a new pump and salt water generator. My pool was beautiful but leaked all year ... This year it's worse amd loosing 2" a week in water it too much. Anyone ever get a patch to hold?

Apr 14, 2012
Intex pool liner
by: Courtney

As far as I can tell, it looks like intex doesn't sell the 24'x52" liner anymore. It makes me think this is a very common problem. Intex's customer service is the worst I've ever had to deal with... I will never give another dime to Intex!

Jun 14, 2012
by: mary

You can get a replacement liner at for $450.

Jun 15, 2012
Intex liner
by: Courtney

Thanks for checking but I called intex at the beginning of spring and they said they don't make the liner I needed anymore (for an ultra metal frame?) now they make it one inch bigger...I still think it is bad business. That is ok...lesson learned and now I own a doughboy and have had nothing but great customer service with them. I would highly recommend to stay away from intex pools all together

Jun 21, 2012
Help..its hot outside
by: Anonymous

Is Intex the only place you can get a replacement liner? I have a 15x42 that came apart at the seam.

Jun 21, 2012
Intex Liner Replacement
by: Anonymous

As far as I could find out...Intex is the only place to get Intex liners.

Jul 03, 2012
frayed liner on 24' x 52" pool
by: Anonymous

Hi, Going through what everyone else is with torn liner at bottom of pool. Liner was fine and woke up this morning to water everywhere. Tried to wet patch it, as it was only about 2 inches wide, and as soon as I touched it with the patch, the tear became 2 feet. It just frayed out like a piece of fabric. Called INTEX and they won't even acknowledge your problem since it was passed 90 days. Of course the people you are dealing with are in CHINA! Never buy again an INTEX product!

Aug 23, 2012
Intex is no help at all!!
by: Anonymous

We purchased our 16 x 48 Intex pool from Wal-mart May 5, 2012 and August 10, 2012 we awoke and found the seam ripped at the bottom of our pool and the pool completely drained. I emailed customer service with Intex who in turned replied to say that they have a 90 day warranty if you have the receipt, which I do have. When I called I was told that because we put the pool on sand the warranty was automatically void!! What exactly are you supposed to put the pool up on? I cannot believe the amount of money that was wasted on this pool! What a JOKE!!

Mar 10, 2013
24 x 52 Intex Liner
by: Jeremy

Glad I read these comments...purchased house in August 2012 that has this pool. Drained it for has several holes at the bottom edges that are consistent...I think I'll just look for another above ground pool all together.

May 13, 2013
repair solutuib
by: Anonymous


Excellent find, thanks for posting it here. They are talking about installing a regular vinyl liner into the Intex pool and saving hundreds of dollars. It looks like a very workable idea.

May 22, 2013
Intex pool
by: Anonymous

My pool is 1 year old and I have the same thing, pool has a little hole. I went to patch it and that little hole turned into a big hole fast, and that's not the worst part cause it was fine till I put 90 dollars of water in it then it came apart. I also was looking for a new liner, even called but I got no help there cause you could not understand what she said.

May 28, 2013
Don't do it!!!
by: Anonymous

We set up our pool two days ago that was purchased last august and given to the kids as a Christmas present. After filling the pool with about 6 inces of water we discovered water under the entire pool. Intex could have cared less. They will NOT replace the liner. They will send a gift card for about $200 less than what a new pool is selling for. Thats what our two year warranty gave us....NOTHING!

Jun 10, 2013
bad investment
by: Anonymous

Had the pool two years. This will be the third. Found a couple of holes which looked liked we patched until filled the pool with about 100 dollars of water. Now it is leaking in places I cant even find.

Jun 19, 2013
Sounds like we are got taken...
by: Anonymous

We just put our pool up and same thing. Great big seam must of been small and soon as we put water in it the pressure made it about 36" long. I called Intex and got the same response as the rest of you. Sorry about your luck.

Apr 24, 2014
ripped off!!
by: Anonymous

We bought the Ultra Frame 22x52 7/5/13. We used it 2 months and the side completey blew out by the filter hose. I called Walmart and Intex both said no warranty is valid so now I am trying to find a replacement liner but it is IMPOSSIBLE!!! So FRUSTRATED

May 26, 2014
pool liner
by: Anonymous

I bought a intex 22' pool last july...held water all winter..drained it and started feeling and there is about a 4ft section on the bottom that is leaking..looks dry rotted. Walmart said it's a intex problem and from all the c I moments sounds like intex won't help. Had a 18ft summer escape pool for 6 years n never had a problem till the side straps broke. Will never recommend a pool from intex again

Jun 02, 2014
Intex 18x52 ultra
by: Kasey jones

We got our pool in the spring of 2013 took it down beginning of sept 2013 stored out of weather then just set back up June 1 2014 and wake up next mornin to small pin holes at bottom seam on pump side which I got patched but as day went on has turned into one big 3inch rip!!! $800.00 pool and $150.00 water bill just draining into my yard........... NEED A CLASSACTION LAWSUIT BROUGHT AGAINST THIS COMPANY AND THEIR JUNK!!!!!!!

Jun 08, 2014
Intex pool liner
by: Anonymous

Purchased my pool 2 weeks ago. 3 inch tear in my liner. Woke up to water all over my yard. Just ordered a sand filter yesterday. Very disgusted. Took 2 days to fill and one night to empty with tear. Customer service isn't open on weekends.

Jun 16, 2014
Do not even think about buying it!!!!!
by: Joe

Do not buy INTEX 14' X 48" ROUND ULTRA FRAME POOL ....... used 3 months in 2013 and then put in storage for 6 months, now it is full of leaks .......

Jun 27, 2014
crappy intex
by: Anonymous

Same situation with Intex this is the second year we put it up after filling it up it ripped down the middle seam now we are out 700.00 dollars.

Jun 28, 2014
by: Anonymous

Same problem, the liners don't last and impossible to find a replacement. I will never purchase another.

Jul 22, 2014
No Good Intex Pool
by: Shotsy

Have same problem with Intex. Their pools are a piece of junk. Liners do not last. Bought new pool last year, the liner had a hole in it. Called Intex, they eventually sent a replacement after the Summer was almost over. Left new liner in the box it came in and continued with old liner until this year. We took down the pool and stored pool and new liner in new building we had purchased and when we put pool back up this year, the new liner has 2 giant holes in the bottom. Needless to say, I will never purchase another Intex pool!!!

Jan 22, 2015
Buy a metal wall pool
by: Anonymous

Intex pools are designed to be drained if you live in a cold (freezing/winter) climate. Some leave them up - some get lucky and they are good the next session. Recommend read the instructions - follow the guidelines. I have yet to see anything with a good method of using a vinyl liner for a metal wall pool as a temporary fix.

Apr 19, 2015
Good pool
by: Anonymous

I Have a 22'x 52" ultra frame and this is our 4th summer with it we keep it up year round love the pool

Apr 23, 2015
The tubular liner replacement for Intex
by: Kim

Go to pools they have what you need for a fraction of the price Intex charges

May 09, 2015
sick of intex
by: Michelle

I have replaced two in a summer season one under warranty they shipped a new liner and received another one with all the pin holes obviously intex does not produce a decent pool I paid 1100.00

May 20, 2015
Quality Control
by: Anonymous

The quality control of the liners has a lot to be said. Need people to check each liner for leaks, thickness of liner, and so forth. Very disappointing to open a brand new liner just to find holes and slits in it.

May 30, 2015
Bad Liner
by: Anonymous

I'm in the same boat as all of you and I wish there was something more to be done. We bought it last summer and went through all the effort to take it down, clean it, and store it really well so we could put it back up this year and have a nice pool. We killed our lawn (a second time) putting it back up and guess what - it's leaking all over the place! Flooding our lawn - we have no idea where all the water is coming from because obviously it's underneath the pool! Am gravely concerned it's the seam because I don't know how any holes could be leaking that much water. Are currently draining the water out (we filled it half way before we realized it was totally leaking) and are going to try to find any holes. I guess we're the eternal optimists. We really didn't want all that money going down the drain (pun) and it will literally break my girl's hearts if we can't get it up and running - they've been waiting all winter to swim again. Such a bummer. I hate INTEX. HATE THEM. Can someone open a class-action lawsuit against them?A

Jun 06, 2015
Intex liner Replacement for Intex pool
by: Mary

I bought a Intex pool 24' round. Same thing, torn at seams. I sent Intex my receipt with pictures and they do not replace the liner under any condition. There is no manufactures warranty on liner. Please let me know if you hear of anything. I am also in your position.

Jun 06, 2015
by: Anonymous

Liner is horrible. They will not replace liner under any condition. Good luck on finding one. Now we have all the things for a pool, but no liner. Anyone want to buy a pool with no liner.

Jun 12, 2015
We got lucky
by: Idaho

We bought a 24x52 (10'x24') in 2010 and used it for about 5 years draining it each year for the winter. For the last few years I circulated a spa chemical that stopped small leaks but every year I patched bigger ones. It was worth it but now the bottom is brittle and have too huge of holes to patch I think. Need a new one. By all the comments I see, looks like I will consider a different brand.

Jun 14, 2015
Intex pool liner seam tear.
by: finally figured it out!

Buy 3M 5200 marine adhesive. This stuff sticks and seals everything. Put a liberal amount of adhesive to the damaged area of the pool and also on the vinyl patch. (I used shower pan vinyl liner from Lowe's) It will be cured in 1 hr and total cure in 24hrs. (use the rapid set version)Also, you need to do the patch to a dry area, so you may have to empty the pool. At least I did. Good luck.

Jun 22, 2015
Do not buy
by: Anonymous

Bought intex 22x52 last summer took it down for the winter. Got it set back up and seen a small hole in liner went to patch it and as soon as I touched it it became a 3 in rip that you can tell is still fraying... I hate this pool and should be a class action lawsuit

Jun 24, 2015
How to make an intex pool work with regular liner
by: Chris mccool

Hi my name is Chris.... We had a 22 ft intex pool..... Couldn't find a liner anywhere for it..... But here is a secret..... Take any liner for an above ground regular pool....... Apply contact cement all the way around and glue top of liner to top of old liner and intex fame..... Let it set for at least two days ....... Then fill it up...... Works perfect.... Cover the glued down top with vinyl tape for extra hold and visual appeal .....

Jun 26, 2015
by: Mike

If you raise the feet to high it puts to much pressure on the liner. I put blocks under mine because the feet were sinking into the ground. The liner stretched and a small hole appeared. Put a quick sticky patch on it. Then came back the next day and there was another hole four inches away. Got out the glue and tried to put a patch on it that's when it ripped. Figured out it was to much pressure and the glue just softened the liner. That's why you need to empty the pool if your gonna glue a patch on it.

Jun 27, 2015
Intex pool liner on Ebay
by: Debbie

I just saw an Intex 24x52 replacement liner on ebay 2 days left to bid bid is at 71.00 right now

Jul 05, 2015
Brand New Intex 15x48 Metal Frame Pool with Holes
by: Anonymous

Purchased a brand new Intex 15'x48" metal frame pool from Walmart. Just opened the box and layed out the liner. I found 2 perfect holes in the center of the bottom of the pool that look to be from a cigarett. From what I have been reading Intex does not stand behind their products. From others Intex should be put out of business for selling crap. they need better quality control and what company would ever ship their product that their own employee sabatoged.

What crap Intext ships. Anyone get them to replace thier liner when intex is at fault?

This kind of crap from this company gets me so mad. It's time Intex is dispossed of.

Jul 10, 2015
Intex used to be fantastic
by: Anonymous

I have bought Intex products for over 16 years. Always strong and durable. Until I bought 14x48 metal framed pool. Have taken really good care of it. Stored for winter as per instructions. This year there are all little tears in sides of liner. Can't find replacement liner, as Intex doesn't make anymore. Last year pump went after one season. Intex customer service awful!!! They said I had to buy a new pump, which cost almost as much as pool! Ended up getting salt pump system on e-bay. Think ownership & where products are made has changed!!!! Very disappointed!!!

Sep 03, 2015
Intex 22'x52"
by: Anonymous

Had my pool for three years and no leaks or hole. After having it 3 years I just looked at the book because I was considering putting in a new liner just because the one I had faded, of my own doing LOL but for the first time noticed that my pool was suppose to be filled all the way up to the line and I have never filled it up to the top, I have always kept it about 5-8 inch or about 4-5 lines down of the blue and white pattern. My pool stayed up all year long, on part is even sitting slightly on a large brick coming from under the deck, so maybe that has been the problem the whole time is filling it to the top puts to much pressure on the liner and that's how they get wholes and rip, plus my liners bottom is not smooth it is wrinkled all up all over the pool which probably gives expansion and ability for liner to have loose room to move, and just to think I did all this by a fluke LOL....... I did the same thing with my first pool and had that Intex for years also and always had the return flowing on top of the water and if I would have filled it then it would be under water putting a strain on the pump. But I have had the same pump for years also and run it 24hrs a day all summer. So maybe this will help someone else to enjoy there intex for years. :)

Mar 20, 2016
same issue as the rest of you
by: Julia Pavlick

I purchased the pool in June of last year hardly used but the same issue on the seam and the customer service did not even care. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB and our Atty Generals office because after reading all of this I can see this is a scam they know their product is defective which is also a safety issue.

Mar 29, 2016
Replacement Liner for Intex Ultra 52
by: Anonymous

Bought in 2010. We were told to leave water in year round by others who had same pool. Problem originally started with the Pool COVER. Ripped immediately. Intex informed us they no longer made the cover! Were still selling kit in stores though??? KNEW we were screwed. I had back surgery and was tired of fighting with them.

This exposed the Liner to intense heat and debris from neighbor's "privacy trees" with extremely long and pointy needles.

Barrier had greenery coming through it the first year. Well water which sucks as outside does not run through softener. Total rust after 1 hour using outside filters. Went through 6 before I PAID for water delivery. $300

Liner had minor leaks first year. We emptied and patched. Paid $300 for water next year. Major leaks.

It is now our "frog sanctuary"

You can get non-intex liners for very a reasonable amount of money. I think the best way to replace, even with two feet shrubbery poking through, is to keep original and glue on new. Am recommending friend who is hauling it out of my hard this year to do TWO.

Class Action? I'm in...

May 16, 2016
It's not that bad!!
by: Anonymous

We've had Intex 22'x52" round pool (ultra set) for 4 years now. We, too, have to replace the liner every year. It's frustrating but not as bad as everyone makes it out to be on here. Ultimately, I pay about $350 for a replacement liner (and that includes shipping) every year, and we figure that's as much as we'd pay to have a family pool pass at any public pool, but this one's ours in our backyard and we can have as many people over to swim as we want. I don't think it's as bad as people are making out on here. Personally, I really love the pool and I know it's frustrating to work with their customer service because they're all asian and speak with strong English accents, but they try hard to take care of you and answer your questions. I'm sure they get tired of the annoyed Americans giving them a hard time. I've always been successful if I've been patient enough to keep trying. One silver lining to replacing it each year? We don't have to store the sucker away every winter!

May 27, 2016
Index pool liner
by: Shelly wintgens

I too have little holes around the bottom of the liner! Now they say to get a new liner I have to purchase a ton of new parts which will be over 300.00. Someone needs to turn them in to the better business bureau!!!

Jun 08, 2016
Defective Intex Liners
by: Anonymous

I have had the same experience as all of you.... Intex liners are made of poor quality and in addition I have a 22x52 and they don't even have liners to fit.... I'm angry! Brand new pool with manufacturers defects... The replacement liner is worse than the original liner.... No more Intex.... They need to be shut down.... These pools are too expensive to just throw away.... Customer service is horrible....

Jun 26, 2016
Pool liner
by: Steve Talbert

I bought my Intex 18 x 4 pool in 2008 and took it down every year. This year, 2016, we put it up like always and water was everywhere underneath it. We even keep it in a large container with a lid. I guess nothing lasts forever but it should last longer than 8 years.

Jul 06, 2016
intex 22 x 52 pool liner
by: Dianeter Randolph

I have purchased an intex pool from Walmart less than a year ago and the liner has a defected separation tear in two places on the bottom. I have tried everything and it still leaks. The was very expensive and I do not want to buy another one. I have been so frustrated because my grands want to play in water. Any suggestions?

Aug 23, 2016
Something wrong with Intex liners
by: MAK

I have had the same problem this year. We bought an above ground 16 x 48 2 years ago, leveled the ground and put sand under the bottom but kept the legs on solid ground. I was fine for the first year, we stored it for the next then took it out this year. Split in the liner 1 day after setting it up. Assumed this was because it was old so ordered replacement from co called Polygroup Services. 3 weeks after it was up, split in approximate same area as the first. We checked ground and area but no sharp objects around. Think there is a defect in this product. They are sending a replacement. Seems to be a good company, just think the liners are junk.

Feb 26, 2017
Still looking for liner
by: Kim

I've had my 12x24x52 pool for three years now. Never had to replace it. I drained my pool for the first time to clean it because I couldn't find anything that would do it right. Unfortunately a raccoon got into it and ripped all four corners. I can't believe that the only place to get a replacement is Intex and it is $354 plus $75 for new parts (they upgraded it) and then shipping.

May 21, 2017
intex pool 24 ft
by: Anonymous

We have had the 24 ft ultra frame pool since 2009 we leave it up all year round draining down half way in winter never had a bit of problem with it never had a leak good pool for the money very satisfied

Jun 16, 2017
24x52 Intel pool
by: Anonymous

I have a index pool , have had it for 4 years and it has started to leak. I have found some liners on line that I think will work. Has anyone replaced the liner for their pool and did it work? My pool is a round pool 24x52.

Jun 20, 2017
Woke up and all our water gone!
by: Jenn D

We bought our pool 26 x 52 father's day 2016.The pump that came with it broke after several months and was never powerful enough for that size pool anyway. So we took it down over winter etc. We bought the largest sand filter for more power bought a skimmer and intex vacuum. Purchased 7 tons of sand for a good base. When put up beginning of May 2017, we had pin hole leaks everywhere. Repaired over 25 but still had more. Intex would not acknowledge anything and quite rude also. Yesterday we got the vacuum going but hose had a lot of leaks so we were going to investigate that today but when we awoke this morning all our water is gone (over 23,000 gallons) and a huge separation in the lining between the wall and floor.
I see in previous comments about a class action suite. Has anyone done this? Because this is needed to save others from having this happen.

Jun 25, 2017
Good Pools
by: Anonymous

I got my first Intex, 24 round and left it up all year in snow country.Says you aren't supposed too but I took my chances. Very good pool. About the 3rd year, due to my fault. I didn't get it drained in time for ice wall to form and ripped heavy liner. Yes it was hard to cut liner apart due to thickness.
Got our 2nd one, a 16 by 48 and lasted 4 years, this year, mostly our fault again. LOL Getting a liner this time which is only 152.00 from Intex. Hope it is as good as other liners.

Jun 26, 2017
Bad liner
by: Patricia

Purchased Intex 14 X 42 last June (2016) . Put it away for the winter in a clean dry and heated environment. Set it up this year and fill about half full and turn water off for the night. Went to finish filling the next day and found water all around the pool. It appears the liner seams are separating all around the bottom of the liner. Class action sounds appropriate"

Jul 01, 2017
ripped seam
by: Anonymous

Class faction lawsuit? I'm 22x52 ripped in three 12 inches sections on the seam. Only 2 years old

Jul 15, 2017
by: Really Disappointed

I am very disappointed with the ability to find a replacement liner-I have only used my pool ultra frame 22x52 last year for one month- and put out again for less than a month and a half- woke up to water EVERYWHERE- mind you I use the pool for my knee therapy- and tried to repair the tear which by the way is on the seam- It appears to be a major problem for quite a few... Need a liner CAN'T seem to find one....Sucks to be me- will blast this all over DO NOT BUY INTEX unless you need a problem -water down the drain so to speak...

Jul 21, 2017
hate this complany
by: S Sarber

I had an Intex pool for 2 1/2 yrs. It started out with a couple little holes and thought I had them fixed and re-filled it. This morning woke up to a drained pool with a foot long rip in the side. I have now spent $100 in patches, almost $100 in water and a lot of frustration. If there is ever a class action suit, I am ALL IN. Has anyone tried to put a non-intex liner inside an intex liner? I saw one post about using contact cement and "gluing" it down. If this worked, please let me know.

Aug 20, 2017
Won't honor warranty
by: Anonymous

We only got 8 inches of water in our new pool & it started to leak in multiple places. We called Kmart where we bought our pool to get a copy of our receipt emailed to us. It had a link with a 30 day return that has now been removed. Intex customer service is saying that we have to file a claim for review but it will most likely be rejected because it is over 15 days for the order date. Although our book says it has a 90 day warranty. Never even used this pool & they are not standing behind their product!

Jan 31, 2018
replace 24x52 liner in intex pool
by: Anonymous

I am in similar situation need to replace liner in an intex 24x52 without paying a fortune for intex replacement---I found a place think its pool deals .com you can buy a regular 24x52 overlap liner (like you would put in any above ground pool and they sell clips that go over top to clamp liner secure to top of the sides they call them coping clips---drop in liner fill up-secure hoses put on the clips--Im satisfied with the idea Im ordering this week !! Good Luck with your pools Happy Swimming

Apr 07, 2018
ripped at sleeves
by: Marion

Don't believe the comments that state how easy it is to put the pool up. Yes, erecting the pool is easy BUT making sure it is LEVEL is next to impossible. After shelling out mucho dinero to get the ground level perfect--the pool lasted one season and ripped at the sleeves which held the pool liner up. I can't believe how much a replacement costs (and after one season shouldn't have to replace). No more above ground pools for me but I dread the work involved carting this off to the dump.

Apr 21, 2018
2 season pool
by: Anonymous

We bought our pool at Walmart 2 years ago a 22x52, lasted fine the first season, 2nd season it started leaking. Spent lots of time and effort trying to find the leak which we never did but looks like it must have been in the seam like everyone else states. Disgusted that we spent $600 for that piece of crap! These comments go back to 2011 and this is still happening! I wish that I had found this site before I purchased it! Need a class action lawsuit against this company!

May 09, 2018
Did we get lucky? Or is Common Sense Key?
by: Roy Trotter

Purchased our Intex 22X52 Ultra Frame Pool at tax time 2011 Starting to clean now for our 8th Season... Yes 8th... My daughter and I hauled Sand... yes sand.. No grass or many rocks here in SC sand hills. Hauled sand and leveled for a month. Set the pool on the ground cover and filled it. Built a deck around it over the next 2 years. almost 3 years ago an accident shoved a 2x6 from the deck into the liner ripping around 4 foot of liner in half.. Hmm? well I found a doner liner from another pool and used HH 66 Vinyl cement and patched it inside and out... still half the water in the pool! This patch has lasted 3 years.. Other Patches haven't been very hard to achieve.. Last year Rain Washed away sand at ground level and 2 legs dropped 2 feet! Used a port of power to jack them back up and pack sand in the hole where sand washed away under the liner.. No leak or water loss.. Not sure why others are having problems.. This pool has never been taken down and stored and water only drained and switched one time in 8 years.. We are going to try a salt system the first time this season. The replacement liner issue is a bummer as I too am thinking of replacement. Picked up a free 22 x 52 last night as someone didn't want the work setting it up... That Liner may be my Doner if it checks out Free of leaks. Best of Luck!

Hi Roy

I love your post, thank you.

May 17, 2018
Intex above pool
by: Anonymous

Looking for Pool Liner for 22ft X 52in Round Ultra Frame Pools. Just need the liner and don't want to buy a new one, just meed liner, help!!! Where to find one?

Jun 05, 2018
22x52 ultra frame liner
by: Anonymous

I am in the same boat ..I need a 22x52 uktra frame liner asap. I have always had intex pools never had an issue my intex pools..I have had intex pools for 14 years and have upgraded substantially since our first one....we just got rid of our liner and need a replacement I had NO IDEA that intex would t have any...I have been searching every website and store they sell their products ..n o luck...please let me if any are out there

Jun 11, 2018
Intex pool
by: Shannon

I have an Intex pool 18' x 48" and have used it 3 years now and it's been crazy to say the least!! I used it the first year with no problem until July. There was a tear in the floor around the seam. I tried everything I could get my hands on. The flex seal tape works on small holes in the wall that's it, no where else. I used under water magic a bust, glue from pool supply a bust! My husband finally told me to go purchase some f26 glue and I used it and a piece of rubber tube, it actually worked! The patch is still holding.

But this year I had another tear on the opposite of the pool from the last tear. Well, I patched it not with f26 but with something else because the pool was full of water. I came home the next day to find that little tear is about a 4 to 5 ft. tear now: (it is empty of water and I have ordered a overlap replacement liner to put in over the old liner you can order this liner in any size for $100 at in the swim.. But I'm concerned that the old liner and the tear won't allow me to put the new liner over it? Anyone think that that belt on bottom will keep the new replacement liner held in? I was thinking of using a strap of some kind on bottom to hold it more secure and use bungee straps around the under of the lip to secure the liner to the frame.

I watched several videos on this and it seems to work but I'm concerned about the tear in old liner? I could patch it I suppose with a piece of vinyl and the f26 glue, pick this up at a hardware store. By the way use the f26 when the pool is dry not under water although it is waterproof it needs to cure before filling with water (and my chemicals held up good), anyway, any ideas anybody? I'm going to do a video on this process once I decide if I should or not , I've spent $30 on water so far this summer and it just started. I love my pool and hate to get rid of it if it can be saved I'll do what it takes:)

Sep 18, 2019
24x52 Intex liner
by: Anonymous

Wondering if anyone has called the Intex company to purchase this size of liner. It says it is unavailable but they have a picture of it like you could get it.

Jul 04, 2020
Hard to find
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have a 15'x 48-52" intex metal pool. I wanted to buy a new liner for it. It's only 4yrs old and intex told me I would have to buy an entire new pool, that the new one that size would not work on my older pool. Through hours of research I have learned even an over lap liner would work. I feel like they lied to me to make me buy a new pool. I didn't buy one. I love my pool but,I will never shop at the Intex site. Do your research. Sincerely,A Swimmer

Jun 08, 2021
2021 intex scam pool liner
by: Anonymous

I just bought an intex pool 18x52 XTR ULTRA, and the liner has a hole on it, I patched because we paid over 1,800 dollars, and kids want to swim.
Called them, they want me to cut a piece of the liner where the hole is and send to them. I have pictures, they won't accept.
And this is a new pool, bought on 3/20 from Amazon, delivered on 4/5, I opened the box on 6/4, boxes came pretty well, liner folded well and sealed with the plastic, but as we opened we saw the hole.
Apparently over 600 people have the same problem!
Let me know if you find someone for a class action against Intex.

Jun 15, 2021
Pool Liner
by: Tina

Any luck with anyone finding a way to replace Intex pool liners? I have the 18x52 Ultra Round Frame, and the liners are no longer available to buy for replacement. Like who does that with a 1800 dollar pool? So, now I have to find to a replacement liner! Anyone know of where to go, that's not going to cost an arm and a leg?

Jun 16, 2021
Reply to Tina 6/15/21
by: Jenn Doerksen

Hi Tina. By what I have learned it is really hard to replace the liner with Intex.

Our liner totally separated at the seam after very short use.

I just refused to give that company any more money so we took it as a loss.

I am so sorry I don't have any better information.

I had to buy an air mattress recently. One was Intex brand the other was more expensive but I bought it just due to my frustration with this company.

Hope you are able find a better answer....Jenn

Jun 27, 2021
Amazon review
by: Jenn

I recently tried to give a review on Amazon about the poor quality of Intex pools but they didn't accept it because it wasn't in reference to that exact item. I just feel bad that this keeps happening to people.

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