Intex Pool On Sloped Concrete

by Josh B
(Roseville, CA)

We have a large existing concrete pad that we'd like to put an above ground pool on. The concrete is strong and very flat. It is roughly 28'8" by 24'4".

The only problem is that it is slightly sloped. The long side has a slope of approximately 1/16 - 1/8th of an inch per foot. The short side has a slope of about 1/32 - 1/16 per foot.

I've been looking at the Intex pools, all models. Is there an Intex pool I could install WITHOUT additional leveling? I'd really like something a bit big in an oval or rectangle shape. Though, if the only thing I can do WITHOUT additional leveling is a smaller round pool then that's what will have to do. Please let me know what will work: Easy Set, Metal frame, oval frame, or Ultra Frame?

If I have to level it, do I use the shingle method you listed in another post? Besides leveling the frame, do I also need to add material under the pool?

Thanks, Josh

Hi Josh.

It does not sound like your leveling issue is too bad, an Intex pool might work without any additional leveling. I do not know of any way to level a frame pool on un-level concrete.

All the pools I have done on sloping concrete have been metal frame pools. With those the shingles under the bottom rails work great. A little extra sand on the inside helps to level the inside of the pool.

If you decide on a steel wall pool you should probably avoid oval pools. Setting the braces into existing concrete is probably more than you want to tackle.

As for the size, the smaller the pool the less you will notice it being off level. Calculate your slope with different pool sizes and try to keep the level to within a couple of inches.

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Intex Pool Over Un-level Pavement

We are putting up an Intex 20 ft round pool. The only spot in the yard that is partially level is a paved pad. We used styrofoam sheets to soften the site, but while filling it we realized how un-level it is.

What would you recommend using on top of this pad in order to level it? We were thinking building a frame with 2x4's or 2x6's, then putting crush and run down, packing it, then sand, then our foam boards. Is this what you would recommend? Thank you for your help!


This would probably work just fine.

You didn't mention whether you were going to level the frame or the sand base. It could be done either way, but as you have already seen, level is important.

Once your frame is up you could easily scab plywood to the inside of the frame in order to fill in any gaps. Depending on how out of level you are you may even want to use 2x8's. You will need room for the crusher run, sand and foam, set level, all below the top of the frame.

I would also suggest blocks under all the post on the pool. When these blocks are set level with a laser you really have a level pool.

Sounds like you will do just fine. Enjoy your pool this summer.

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Feb 15, 2019
Rectangle pool on concrete
by: Meme

I would like to put a rectangle 12x24 pool on a concrete slab..the incline isn't bad..I really don't want to do sand. Could I use shingles and pool coves..then put the supports up on wood?

Hi With a soft side pool the cove would not be of any use to you, but installed on mild slope you should be just fine.

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