Intex Pool Questions

by Brian

We are considering a large 16x32 Intex ultra frame pool, which appears to be soft-sided. This selection is based on price/feature set, plus the size and shape will allow us to evaluate location for a couple of seasons before going with a full-up in-ground pool. Any opinion on Intex and/or the Doughboy equivalent (oasis) is welcomed and appreciated.

Question 1: Can a soft-sided pool such as the ultra frame by Intex or the oasis by Doughboy be installed in-ground? My concern is that without a structural side, the earth may cave in.

Question 2 -- typically are AGP pumps Gravity fed? in other words, if I install the pool in-ground, do I also have to have the pump below the nozzles?

Question 3 -- This particular pool (and most AGP I think) have one inlet and one outlet nozzle. Is this sufficient for moving all the water through, or does the water essentially flow in a loop from the output to the input, leaving the corners, etc stagnant? I ask because (based on the answers to the above questions) I am thinking about using an in-ground pool pump and trying to install additional inlet/outlet nozzles to try an optimize the flow. Any thoughts there? Am I asking for trouble by puncturing the liner and sealing additional nozzles into it?

Anyway, I really appreciate any info or opinion you would be willing to offer --

Best regards, Brian

Hi Brian.

These are good questions. A soft side pool should not be installed in the ground. The walls will not hold up against the weight of the dirt.

Above ground pool pumps are gravity fed. They work much better set below water level. The impellers are smaller than pumps made to draw water uphill.

I would not cut an extra hole into a soft side pool. That sounds like trouble to me. With a steel wall pool an extra return is a big help. High powered pumps are to restricted on the return side and need an extra outlet.

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Jun 24, 2009
by: patsy

I have an Intex above ground pool. it is 16/3. I keep getting algae in my pool. Have to vacuum every day . What can I do.. I dont think that the pump that came with the pool is strong enough, or at least that's what other people tell me. I shock once a week, and I have put algaeside in it 2 times in the last week. Can you suggest something for me too try?

Thanks, Patsy

Hi Patsy

The filters that come with those pools are not nearly adequate to keep the pool clean. About all you can do is run the filter 24/7 until you can replace it with a better one.

Jun 27, 2009
Oasis softsided pool rail fraying?
by: Anonymous

On the top rail of my softsided pool there are areas of the blue that is turning white. Is this normal or is it starting to have weak spots? The pool is three years old. Thanks for any help you can give.


Yes, the pool is just showing signs of age. This is caused by being in the sun and keeping it in the shade is about the only answer I know of.

I know that does not help much, but I have seen this happen and have never seen a cure.

Feb 13, 2010
frayed top rail
by: Anonymous

Hello, I have had a K-D pool set up in the middle of my yard for more than 15 years now.

Like most soft sided pools, if the top vinyl (railing) gets sun damaged or frayed to the point where it rips or tears then you lose your entire pool. The top rail is the pools support system.

I have found an economical way to prevent any kind of sun damage, discoloration and possible tearing of that top rail. How ever big your pool is buy the same length of flexible hose (1 1/2" or 2" doesn't really matter) doesn't really have to be pool hose any kind will work,look around for the cheapest price. Lay the hose out on the ground and take a razor knife, slice the hose all the way down the length in the middle. Now go and place this hose over the top railing of your pool and wa-la you are now sun protected.

If you like go to the hardware store and buy a can of vinyl or plastic spray paint and prior to putting it on your pool paint desired color.

Hope this will help

Excellent advice and I bet it works great. Thanks

Apr 05, 2013
salt water system and sand filter
by: Terry

Can they be used together and if so how to set it up , PLEASE HELP


Sure they can, the salt water system goes between the filter and the pool.

May 29, 2014
by: Toni

Can I leave up my pool during the winter? I live in Indiana where it's really cold and snows up to my knees and if so do you have a winter cover for it?

Hi Toni

It is recommended that you take a soft sided pool down for the winter, but some folks leave them up with no problems. Winter covers can be bought at any of the online stores.

Aug 25, 2014
intex sun damaged frayed at top rail
by: Anonymous

My Intex pool has been up for 9 years.`Over time the top rail is starting to fray. What can be done to save the vinyl from fraying more? Is there anything that can be put on the rubber that supports the pool? pleas help

Apr 27, 2018
pool heater for an Intex pool
by: Anonymous

We have a 16 X 32 Intex metal frame pool. In our third year. Still love it. But does anyone know if you can use a pool heater with it? I've seen some say no gas heater can be used, but I've also been told you can use a heat pump heater with one. Sure don't want to spend the money on one and then find out it doesn't work.

May 29, 2018
Painting outside of Intex Ultra Frame Pool Liner
by: Dawn

Hi There-

Is it possible to paint the outside of my Intex Ultra Frame Pool liner (12x24x52)black? I am thinking it might help warm the water, as I live in Northern Ontario, Canada. My concern of course is how the paint might affect the liner. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Thank you! Dawn

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