Intex Pools And Deep Ends

by gto John
(Austin, TX)

Hi, lots of great info here! I have a new, in the box, Intex 15'x42" round pool. This is our starter pool.

Is it possible to dig out a deeper center on this type of pool? I read some previous posts for doing so with an expandable liner, and a few other posts about concerns about the side walls being prone to buckling. I'd like to add 6 to 12" of depth 10-11' in diameter.

Thanks!! John

Hi John.

To the best of my knowledge Intex does not make an above ground pool that can be expanded into a deep area. They sell their steel frame soft sided pools and their inflatable ring soft sides, neither of which can go any deeper than what they were designed for. They are meant to be installed on flat level ground.

The pool, however, would make a great starter pool. Use it for a season or two. See if there is enough interest to go bigger in the future. If so, upgrade to a steel wall vinyl lined above ground pool. That's where you will have the option to go with a 52" or a 54" sidewall and even an expandable liner beyond that.

As for increasing the size of an above ground pool, never. The diameter it says on the box is what you get. There is really no safe way to enlarge a pool, you are better off using Craigslist to sell the one you have, and to buy one the size you would rather have.

Used above ground pools can sometimes be found for just the labor of removing them from a backyard. I have acquired many that way. I would order a new liner and resell the pools, but that was my business back then. There are really good deals to be found if you look around. But until then, install your Intex pool and enjoy, it's going to be hot soon.

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Apr 08, 2011
by: gto john

I did more googling last night and found at least one person out there with a 16'x42" Intex metal frame with a 12'x54" deep center. Sounds like he's had his up for about 7 seasons without failure. I'll see what kind of info I can get from him. I'm hoping to get started this weekend, forecast is above 90F!

Apr 08, 2011
more info
by: gto john

18' x 42" Intex Easyset Pool, with 16' x 52" deep end in the middle. Approx. 5500 Gal going on 9 summers" dated 2008.


John, looks like it is possible. Good luck with yours.

Apr 11, 2011
It works!
by: gto john

quick follow up, after 2 days of transplanting sod, leveling, digging and releveling I have had success! Digging out the deep center was tedious, my respect to those who do this more regularly. A little concerned I found only 2 examples of the same pool I didn't want to go to extreme in case I had to fill it back in. My intex is the 15'x48" metal frame plus a deep center of 12'x52" and 8'x58" with a nice, slow transition. 93F outside today, the whole family jumped in once the water was over the return jet, gave it a good workout, no problems! Overall very satisfied for a less than $300 product!

Jul 11, 2016
by: Anonymous

I have a 22 X 52", and interested in making a deeper center by 6". I am wondering how you (if you did) kept from getting wrinkles on the bottom?

Jun 04, 2019
Deep pool
by: Anonymous

Did you have to buy a special liner or did the intex liner expand to the deep center with the stock liner. I had a 24'x52" above ground pool that was damaged this last winter. I had an expandable liner that went to my 7' deep center that was dug out. I can't afford a new pool so was thinking I could get an Intex but worried that the center that we dug out to be 7' deep will not work as the liner will not expand that much. Has anyone tried this with a stock 52" deep liner? Will it expand to 7' in the center?

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