Intex Saltwater System

by Lina
(Charlotte, NC, USA)

We just took a sample of our water to a local pool store for testing before our initial use to make sure that we did everything properly (since the 3 way test strip dip was not indicating the proper levels)- the results and recommendations was as follows: Alkalinity 25(recommends 100-150); Salt 3000ppms(rec. 3040-3360); Cooper - Norm; PH 7.4 Norm; Hardness 60 Low(rec. 200-450); TDS 4300(rec. 0-1500) High; Chlorine level 0 Low and Free Chlorine 0 Low (rec. 1-3). They gave us all these chemicals to shock/treat etc. the water which is exactly what we did not want to do :"Use Chemicals" especially with 3 children.

I called the Intex customer service who said that the salt level is the ideal and optima level of 3000ppm as stated in the manual and it is ok to swim in it. If we wanted to we could drain 300 gal (10% of the water) and replace it with fresh water to bring down the TDS but that it was not harmful to swim in it as long as the water is clear not cloudy or has algae. He also had me check the Saltwater System to make sure that it was producing bubbles

Our concern is our children one of which has medical needs including cortical impairment. Can you please advise if we need to look into this matter further or if it is ok to swim in the water? Truly appreciate your attention and help in this matter. Have a wonderful holiday!

Regards, Lina Rod

Hi Lina

In your post you said "They gave us all these chemicals", I think what you meant to say is they sold us all these chemicals. That's what pool stores do, they sell chemicals, and many of them you just don't need.

I think what Intex told you makes perfect sense. If the salt level is where it should be, and the pool is not cloudy, it is very safe for the kids. It's when you have algae or cloudy water you need to be concerned.

The next time you feel the need to have your water tested try getting several opinions. Have the same water tested at several stores and see what all they try to sell you, and then decide what you really need and want to use.

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Jul 01, 2011
the Pool Stores :)
by: Lina

You are right, I stand corrected ;) - they SOLD my hubby $110 worth of chemicals (which I had him returned). Thank you SO MUCH for your wisdom and future advice, well noted!

Jul 02, 2011
Intex Saltwater System
by: Karen

Hi Lina..I'm not an expert, just an owner of the Intex saltwater system. I just really wanted to agree with the comments made. As long as your water is clear, the water is fine. Salt is actually very healing for your skin. Ours was a bit high when we first put in the system, but it evaporates a little with heat and it's now perfect. But even when it was a little high, it really didn't create any problems. It actually made my skin feel extra silky smooth.

Anyways, like I said, I'm not an expert and don't have a lot to offer other than to tell you we've had our system going for about 3 months now and as long as the water is clear, we have no problems (and it has remained clear every single day.) We switched because we didn't want to swim in chemicals anymore. This system really is great and works better than anything else we've ever tried.

ps..glad to hear you returned all those chemicals :o)

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