K-D pool in ground

(Brentwood Ca.)

We have a 20' x 48" 15 year old K-D pool in which the middle band just broke. We financially can not afford to spend money on a new pool and would like to save it by putting it in the ground where it sits about 2 feet(so the earth acts as the belt).

I did read the answer to putting the soft sided pools in ground only when you use some kind of retaining wall barrier between the dirt and the liner.

My questions are;

1)What kind of retaining wall?

2)Would thick plastic work or are you talking about some thing ridged like steel? (just the sides or the bottom also)

3)I imagine you would have to switch the flex return hose to PVC prior to back filling or do you also build a box around this area to keep open in case of needed maintenance?

thank you

Hi. If you only sink the pool two feet you might be all right. The problem would be the weight of the dirt wanting to cave in the pool. You would always have to have water in the pool of course, but whether the soft sides would still cave in I'm not sure. I am just guessing it might work.

With only two foot in ground the filter and hoses should work just fine the way they are, they should still be on top of the ground, if not just don't backfill as much in that area.

A normal retaining wall is made of brick. That is a little expensive and would not help to strengthen the pool. If you go with a retaining wall it would need to be up against the pool for support, and that is very difficult to do. You are better off working with the dirt and seeing how it goes.

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Jun 10, 2012
broken belt
by: Anonymous

My KD pool is 14yrs old and the belt broke about 3-4 yrs ago. I could not afford to purchase a replacement belt so I purchased some string and a very large needle from a boat upholstery shop and sewed it back together. It cost me about $20 and it has held tight so far.

Jun 12, 2014
Another answer for a broken belt
by: Anonymous

We just purchased a 15-year old KD round pool (not set up yet), and the previous owner had to deal with a broken belt. His solution was to get a standard truck tie-down strap, complete with ratcheting winch. He put that around the middle of the pool and tightened it up appropriately.

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