Keeping Pool Warm

by Karen
(Northern Michigan)

Intex Pool Enclosure

Intex Pool Enclosure

We have an Ipool (exercise pool) in our sunroom, so it's out of the elements but does get sunshine. It's a heated pool, but we've discovered the heater is very expensive to run.

We want to find a good way to insulate the pool. We have a solar blanket floating on the water and a vinyl cover over that (that came with the pool). We also wrapped a thick solar blanket around the outside of it before filling it and set it on insulated foam boards, but we're still loosing about 10 degrees of water temp during the night (we live in Northern Michigan and the nights get cold up here).

We're wondering if we could make a better top out of insulated foam board, but aren't sure if we should just place these on the frame of the pool or actually float it in the water to keep the heat in.

If we set it on the frame, would the heat still escape the water and basically sit between the foam board and water, only to be released once the cover was removed? Do you have any suggestions on this?

Also, any ideas on how to insulate the sides of the pool better? This is a soft sided, vinyl pool.

Hi Karen.

I am very impressed with what you have done so far, I'm glad you posted the photo. I think your best bet might be the foam directly on top of the solar blanket. I have never done it so that's just a guess.

The only thing I can think to do that you have not mentioned is adding solar panels. They are supposed to add about ten degrees, which might be just what you need. I would sure look into the various solar options.

Anyone else living up in the cold country with better ideas are welcome to share them.

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Jun 17, 2013
keeping pool warm
by: Beth

Hey there! Im not a fan of cold or chilly water myself! So being a country gal and making use out of things just laying around outside around our property, i came up with an idea to heat our pool and it works! I would love to share my experience with you! the things you will need: black water hose aka garden hose (make sure it has no holes in it) and you may need more than just one hose, i connected several pieces together using the male and female hose connector thingys lol and i also duck taped the connections to assure that it wouldn't put a hole in the side of our pool... our pool looked something like yours. you will also need a water pump or a suck pump- i got mine at Harbor Freight Tools at a very reasonable price! if there isn't a local harbor freight tool store near you they do have a website... i only paid like $30 for the one i got... it aint fancy but it does serve the purpose! so once you have the hoses all ready and have your pump in hand you may need to take you pump with you to your local hardware store or place that has pvc pieces that will go onto your pump to connect you hose to. once you have the pump and hose connected make sure to take the hose out in the yard and just wind it around and around starting with a small circle then goin out around and around till its almost all wound up in a huge circle... just make sure to leave enough to get to and from the pool... so then you just take the plugged up pump and put it down in the corner of the pool. then pump will then take the water out in the water hose that is laying in the sun and it will heat it up really good and then it will return back to the pool heated up and this will heat your pool really good! may take a few days to raise the temp to you likings but only run it during the daytime. you can also attach the wound up hose to a piece of plywood. you may wanna also keep the pool insulated to keep the warm water in it! when i have my heater goin the water gets so warm coming back in to the pool its almost too hot to touch! hope this helps! From Beth in KY

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