Pool Ground Treatment

by Jerod
(Wapakoneta, Ohio)

I need to know if I can spray weed killer/grass killer after sod is removed?

Will this affect pool liner bottom? Will be putting 24 foot round pool up in few months and heard some weeds can pierce through liner.

Hi Jerod. Weeds and grass can be very harmful to a vinyl liner so I would definitely treat the ground. It is also helpful to dig out an extra 2-3 feet of grass from around the pool and keep that area killed also.

I use a granule grass killer called Zap-It. Is is made to go under vinyl liners and is great for preventing nut grass. I use this because it is not an oil base product and I can install the liner immediately after treating the ground.

Oil base weed killers, most of the liquid types, are fine also, but you need to let the grand stand for a couple of weeks before installing the pool.

If you have the time, like it sounds like you do, this if fine. The advantage of planning ahead like you are doing is that you can give the ground several treatments if needed. That way you are sure the ground is dead before you ever start the pool construction.

I would want to get the ground pretty level before I started treating it. But starting early is a great idea.

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Roots and the Above Ground Pool

by Debbie

Trying to set up a round 24' above ground pool on an incline. It requires about a 19" cut to level it at the highest part of the yard according to the transit. Things were going fine and then
while staking out the site we found surface roots on 2 sides.

We can't avoid them entirely. We are guessing they are maybe the maple tree roots. One on both sides of the site.

What can we do about the roots? How do we get them out or what should we do? Can we leave them any of them? After the sand is in do we need a special pad due to this?

And just to be sure, is it ok to be near the outdoor light lamp post? Probably about 3 ft. away.


Hi Debbie. I doubt if the lamppost is a problem, unless you are having to permit the pool and have it inspected, then it might be a problem. You would need to check that with the inspector or the code book. Otherwise, it should be fine.

The roots should be cut back as far as possible, get rid of as many as you can. Over the years they will come back, so pad the underside of the pool as best you can.

I would use several layers of black landscape plastic under the sand. Tree roots tend to run horizontal to the pool so you are not running much of a risk with them shooting up through the liner.

What the do is grow under the pool, horizontally, and just keep getting bigger over the years. Five to ten years down the road you may begin to feel them under the liner. They are not causing any damage, you just know they are there.

When is comes time to change the liner for the first time, you simply cut them all out. This usually means getting rid of the sand, the plastic and the roots, and starting over. It is a big job but not required very often.

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Installation of a Weed Liner

by Emmet
(New York)

I am gearing up for the DIY installation of an 18' x 40' AGP and viewed some installation videos where a weed liner was placed down prior to the sand and I think in some case a plastic liner over the bracing straps. What are your thoughts on both.

Thank you. Emmet

Hi Emmet. There are pros and cons about plastic under the liner. Most of the time I prefer not using it, but there are times I do.

If your pool ever leaks, and they all do at some point in time, the water settles in between the pool liner and the plastic and grows mold and algae. The cure for this is to change, or patch, a leaky liner. A liner that does not leak will not grow algae under it.

The times I do use heavy plastic under the sand are situations where there are a lot of trees close to the pool area, or possibly a severe case of nut grass growing. There are times the extra protection against vegetation just makes good sense. Most of the time I rely on a good dose of grass killer to take care of any vegetation.

With the ground under the pool treated and a two foot vegetation free border around the outside of the pool we seldom have problems.

The vinyl over the straps is not a bad idea. I don't do it but I am very confident in the way I set the braces, level the ground, pack it and cover the straps with a sufficient layer of packed sand. It is an extra precaution and there is nothing wrong with doing it.

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Install on Grass

We have had a 18' round pool (Intex) up for the last 6 years. The ground is level. Can I install a permanent above ground in the same spot without cutting away the grass that has filled in?

I am planning on using a ground tarp as well as thermal floor insulation. I thought I could dig in the cement pavers for the posts.



This is not something I could do as a professional, but is might work OK for you, it's hard to say for sure.

You need to be sure the grass will not grow up through your vinyl liner. A vinyl liner is not as thick as your Intex liners so be careful with that one.

Another issue I see is your pool cove. Intex pools do not use a cove so make sure you have a good one, even consider the preformed ones.

When setting your blocks I would take the time to laser level each one. The slightest difference between blocks causes problems with steel wall pools. The wall does not want to stay in the bottom track and the posts tend to lean in and out. After setting the block all level see if that ground is still as level as you thought it was.

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