Leaking Wall Fitting

by Richie

We have an Ester Williams 12' x 21' and had a new liner installed a month ago. We have a small glass port hole on one end which I was able to get a gasket on line for the installers.

They were good installers but the day after filling the pool I noticed some small drops by the outside of port hole. They came back and put some silicone on the outside of porthole which held for about a month. Now it is a few drops of water coming from it. What are my options? We have tightened all the screws on the inside of the pool already - don't want to break glass.

Hi Richie.

Putting silicone on the outside of the pool is not the answer. Chances are pretty good the opening will still leak, just not down the outside of the pool. It will leak between the liner and the wall causing rust damage.

When a gasket is properly installed there should not be a leak. That is what I would try to achieve, a properly set gasket. If this can be achieved with a good sealer used in between all the layers, the faceplate, the liner and wall and the outer fitting.

I would drain the pool to just below the fitting and try to reset the gasket. Most fittings of this type use two gaskets. It should be inside plate, gasket, liner, wall, gasket and outside housing. If only one gasket is used it should be inner plate, liner, gasket, wall and outside fitting.

Many times the gasket is just out of alignment and slightly moving it one way or another will solve the problem. If all else fails, you can use a high quality sealer, just make sure to seal in all locations so water does not get in between the liner and wall.

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Jul 30, 2011
from NYC
by: Richie

Thank you very much. What would be the best sealer and or silicone to use? Should I put any silicone on screws before screwing them in?


I prefer marine silicone and putting a touch on the screws is not a bad idea.

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