Leveling Question For Sears Pool

by Steven

Hello, I am in the process of installing a 15'x 48" pool I purchased from Sears. I got the pool assembled and was filling when I noticed that one side was higher than the rest of the pool by 2-3".

I took measurements at 1' and everything was within an inch but once I got up to about 3" below return port it was 2-3" off on that one side. I drained the pool to about 10" (in the middle) and removed five top rails on the low side. I un-hung the liner within those five top rails that I removed and was able to jack up the two vertical posts where the lowest spots were and put some more earth under the pavers. I was able to pull the liner back enough to check the coves (made from sand) and they looked good I even tamped them down a little.

I back filled under the rails where I raised the pool up and was able to tamp it down also. I would say I raised the pool wall maybe an inch on that side. Also one of the two verticals I raised wasn't level vertically, the bottom of the wall and vertical rail was pulled inward towards the bottom. I was able to pull it out and get it plumb.

I checked several, and I mean several, places across the top rails going across the pool with a string level and it pretty much dead on anywhere I check. The bubble is never more than a 1/8 out of the lines anywhere I check, the same applies to the vertical rails using a 24" carpenters level.

Is there anything else I should check or is it safe to fill now?

Thanks, Steven

Hi Steven. It sounds like you are doing everything right. As you start filling the pool start measuring from the top rail to the water level.

Do this all the way around the pool and do it often. The water is level, it always will be. If your measurements are not the same all the way around the pool you can then reconsider whether or not you want to finish filling it.

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Jun 27, 2012
Got it figured out
by: Steven

The area of the pool wall that was pulled inward was the issue. Once I got it pulled out and leveled up, I started to fill the pool taking several measurements as it was filling. The water is within 5/8" all the way around the pool. Next time I'm hiring some pros!


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