Lights For Above Ground Pools

Give Your Pool A Whole New Look

Lights for above ground pools have been around for many years.  Every year the quality gets a little better and there are more models to choose from.

The three basic types of pool lights are the thru the wall version, the over the wall type and the solar powered floaters.

The floaters require no installation and provide enough light to be kind of neat.

The over-the-wall type require minimal installation and produce high quality light.  They do not hook into the pools plumbing system and do not require a hole in the pool wall.

The thru-the-wall lights are the most popular and usually mount in the existing return opening of your pool.  They take the place of your pool return fitting.  Installation is more involved and there is always the chance of leaks in the hoses or the pool wall when you are finished.

Floating Solar Pool Light
This is one of many versions of my favorite lights for above ground pools.  These solar powered floating lights offer more than enough light for me to enjoy the pool during the evening hours.  There is no installation, no wire, no plumbing and no electrical use.  While these may not be enough light for everybody, for me they do just fine.


Nitelighter pool light
This is the over-the-wall type of pool light.  These are easy to install and provide more than enough light for an above ground pool.  The Nitelighter for above ground pools is the most popular version of this pool light.  They are easy to install and do not require replacing the return fitting or any additional plumbing.  The light is equipped with a cord that plugs into any 110 outlet.


Aqua Luminator Above Ground Pool Light
I have used these before and they really light up a pool.  Over the years of installing above ground pools I have installed hundreds and most of my customers seem to love them.  Installing one on an existing pool is fairly easy.  Just lower the water level to below the return line and remove your existing pool return fitting.  Install the Aqua Luminator into the return opening, reattach the hose and refill the pool.  If you have solid plumbing on you pool be sure and order the PVC adapter.  The adapter glues to the light housing and a 1 1/2" coupler glues to the adapter.  You are now ready to add your 1 1/2" PVC pipe.   Add the optional pool fountain for a beautiful illuminated water show.

Adding a light or two to your above ground pool can make the pool safer for night time use, adding deck lights to your pool area is helpful also.  They better lit your pool area is at night the safer it is, resulting in fewer accidents.


Pool Light

SmartPool Nite Lighter NL100 NEW 2 - 50W Light Set, Grey  (#ad)


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