Liner and Cleaner Problems

by Mitchell's
(Louisville, KY)

We have a 33' round pool that has been replaced 3 times in 5 years due to small holes developing at the very bottom of the pool just above ground level. Having purchased what was supposed to be the top of the line pool for approx., $6K we are beside ourselves.

The holes always come back in the same area give or take a few feet. The last time the pool seller explained the process to us as to how the walls are made and he believed that there was some type of issue at the manufacturer that was the cause.

The current pool has only lasted for one year. It is only myself and wife that use the pool once or twice a week and we just get in to cool off and float to get some sun. I would love to know your thoughts.


I will have to make an assumption or two in order to give you my thoughts. If this does not apply to you it might apply to others, as I have seen it many times over.

I assume we are talking about a steel wall above ground pool with a vinyl liner. I assume it is the liner that has been replaced 3 times in 5 years.

The holes coming back in the same area, and the location of the holes, indicate a cleaning issue, either a hand vacuum or an automatic cleaning system.

A hand vacuum that is allowed to rub against a pool side wall will cause holes in the vinyl liner. This is very common, as is an automatic pool cleaner that spends too much time in one place.

Before changing another liner I would recommend crawling under it and find out exactly what is causing the holes. That is the only way to know for sure no matter what your pool expert says.

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