Liner Problem

by Carrie
(Howard Lake MN)

We put our pool up, its completely even. We followed all directions. It's been up for about 3 weeks. The weather is getting warmer by the day. My son came home after just checking it 2 hrs before (it was fine). I found the entire liner was out of the pool. Why would this happen? Can we reuse the same liner? We didn't see any damage to it.

Hi Carrie

I can only assume you are talking about a beaded liner that completely came out of the bead receiver. My only suggestion would be to try it again, and use the sun.

Set the liner in full sun light and do as much filling as possible in the full sun.

As night time comes around turn the water and turn it on when the sun comes up. Make use of the sun and you may have different results this time.

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Jun 10, 2012
Liner Problem
by: Carrie

Yes a beaded line! We did use the sun.......It was hot and humid the day we put it up. The liner was soft as butter.

It went in perfectly. We banked it up 6 inch all around it. We then added rock around the outside to keep the rain water and critters out.

We'll attempt to put it up again, but the weather isn't cooperating with us.

If we put it up and they call for rain, will the liner come out again, with only 2 inch of water in it? Also will the wind move the shell?


The pool should stay in place just fine with just inches of water in it, the more the better of course.

If the liner fit against the pool wall the way it should, without large gaps between liner and wall, it should stay in the receiver when full.

You may need to install bead locks to keep it in place. If it does it again I would sure look into it.

Jun 12, 2012
Liner Problem
by: Carrie

Previous conversations - Liner Problems - Liner fell, no rips, tares or holes in it.
We plan on putting the same liner back up. I was wondering, should we remove the skimmer? Should we leave the skimmer attached and pull up on the liner and hold it there as its filling? If we pull up on the liner w/ skimmer attached, how much should we hold and how long would we have to do this? If we take skimmer off, how long do we hold it in place?

What is the best way to do this?

We also purchased pool coves, these need to be placed under the sand, correct? How much sand do we put over the cove?

Hi Carrie

I normally cover the cove about half way with sand. Too much sand can get behind the cove or get pinched between the wall and the liner.

You may want to remove the skimmer in order to install the cove. If so, you will want to install it again before you put any water in the pool.

Once the water goes in the pool it will become impossible to match the holes up.

With the skimmer installed, and the liner set, you should be able to push the liner to the cove at the bottom. This should take the pull off the skimmer and it should stand up fine on its own.

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