Liner Seam Tear

by Billie

Tear in Liner Seam

Tear in Liner Seam

Hi. We started to open up our Above ground pool this spring and found that the liner has ripped at the bottom cove seam about 14 inches!!! and you can see the white foam cove. It water level is dropping at a rate of about an inch per day so the cove must be supporting the water for now and the water is "seeping" out slowly for now. It is just starting to get warm and we have to pay for our water so I really HATE to drain the pool if I don't have too.

I have read that tears can be repaired underwater so I have ordered the Boxer Repair Kit, but I cannot find much information on repairing tears in the actual seam. Will it hold or should we just replace the liner??? We have had the beaded liner for less than 3 years and no problems until now. I have contacted the Pool Supply company to get the 15 year (pro-rated) warranty information. I am not sure that they will even reply.

If we do try to repair it without draining the water, is it likely we will cause more damage? I am concerned that if we try to clean the area or even touch the area, the seam will split more and ALL the water will come rushing out below the wall causing a depression under the pool and deck and /damage to the steel wall. So maybe we should drain the pool before we try to patch it. What do you recommend?? Thanks. Billie

Hi Billie

A hole that big could burst wide open at any time. I would immediately drain the pool. With about a foot of water in the pool you could safely get in and decide how you want to deal with it.

As a professional I would never patch a seam. A bad seam would automatically require a liner change. There is just no way to guarantee the seam will not continue to tear beyond the patch.

With a big enough patch and plenty of glue it might work, but there is a risk. I would use real pool vinyl and make it plenty big. I have patched over skimmer openings before with no problems, so it's not the size that bothers me, just that it is in a seam.

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Apr 02, 2021
how does this happen?
by: Ryan

How does a seam tear happen? Is it from improper installation? Could the weight from ice cause the liner to stretch and tear (as well as causing the walls to bow in)? My liner was installed 2 years ago I've got 3 of these, all at a part of the pool that seemed to be deeper in the water level. Thanks.
Hi Seams can open up for many reasons including improper installation.

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