Lomart Beaded Liner

by Michelle Eades
(Modesto, IL)

I just recently purchased and tore down a 30' round x 52" high Lomart pool. I am needing to replace the liner (it is a beaded liner); however I am not sure about what to purchase.

I have been told by some pool dealers that only Lomart liners will fit. Then I have also been told by other dealers that any liner will fit.

Can you clear this up for me, the difference in cost is about $700.

Thanks, Michelle

Hi Michelle.

Any liner of the same size and bead type should fit just fine. If it were me I would order an overlap liner and some coping strips and not use a beaded liner. With overlap liners you don't have to worry about the liner fitting the pool perfectly, they can all be made to look nice. And they are a lot cheaper.

The only possible reason I would put a beaded liner back in the pool is if you planned on covering the top rails with a deck. Beaded liners are great if you never want to take the top rails off the pool again, otherwise I don't have much use for them.

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Jun 06, 2011
Lomart Pool Liner Replacement
by: Emma

We are looking to replace our 15 ft round Lomart pool liner. Like another person asked, we've been told that replacing it with any brand is fine by some sales people, but by others we've been told that only Lomart brand will fit. In your answer you noted, that any beaded liner of the same type will fit, but how do I know which type of beaded liner Lomart uses? I've heard of Unibead, beaded, and J-bead. Our pool is the Whispering Winds II and was purchased only 1 year ago. We're replacing several components (wall, bottom rails, and liner) of the pool as a result of recent damage. Thank you

Hi Emma.

You should call In The Swim and talk to their liner experts. They can tell you what bead you need for that pool.

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