Losing Pool Water

by Stacey
(Paducah , KY)

We bought our house a year ago and it came with a 21 year old above ground pool with a 10 year old liner. We closed our pool just two months ago with the water at operating level. The water is now about two feet deep.

We have moles in our yard and just noticed a mole trail right around the outside edge of the pool and wondered if the mole had somehow torn the liner? There is also a small tree planted about three feet from the pool.

We have been talking about replacing the pool because of the age and the rust, but were hoping to keep it going for a couple years since the liner seemed OK. Now we don't know what to do.

We know the tree needs to be removed and we know we have to deal with this mole problem. But we do not know what caused a leak in the pool and if we should just take it down in the spring, fix the two problems and put a up a new pool?

We have never owned a pool so we don't know the best route to go. I don't want to pay for water that is going right into the ground.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Stacey

I have a page about finding holes in vinyl liners that should be of help to you.

Holes in Vinyl Pool

Here is what I would recommend you do. Start by trying to find a wet spot around the outside of the pool. Most leaks occur around the outer edges of the pool, usually leaving the ground wet on the outside of the pool. If you can find this spot, finding the hole is usually pretty easy. It would probably be in, or near, the cove area just inside the pool from this wet area.

If there is no wet spot, and you cannot find anything obvious, you may want to let it sit and leak some more. You can let the pool leak down to about a foot without damaging the liner. Just don't let it go dry or you will for sure be replacing it.

With the water level low enough you should be able to get in the pool, find the hole, patch it and refill without any damage to the liner.

A gopher hole under your liner should be very easy to spot. It would be an indentation about six inches across and six inches deep. Sometimes they tear the liner, sometimes they do not. If you find one of these you will need to take enough water out of the pool to enable you to pull the liner back and repair the base underneath it.

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