Lower Pool Wall is Buckling

by Fran

Above Ground Pool Wall Bulge

Above Ground Pool Wall Bulge

We purchased our pool 3 years ago. Of the 3 years we have used it 2 seasons. When we started landscaping and getting ready to open the pool we noticed the bottom part of the wall on the lower side of our pool is buckling.

We don't want to open the pool if this is a problem. What is causing this, is it a problem and would it be covered under our warranty?

Hi Fran

The problem might be covered under warranty, you would need to check with pool manufacturer.

The cause is more than likely the ground rising from a good freeze. This last winter was cold and I have seen quite a few pools with this type of damage. One person recently reported that they drained the pool, flattened the wall with a hammer and board, installed a new liner, and in a couple of weeks the bulge was back.

The damage may be permanent but I'm not sure it could ever cause the pool to collapse. If it were mine I would check all the rails and footplates and make sure there are no high spots. If there are high spots, I would scrape some dirt out from under the rail, or footplate, with a screwdriver. Sometimes this can cause the wall to go back into shape on it's own. If it doesn't I would just keep an eye on it. It might stay just like it is for many years without causing a problem.

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Jun 04, 2010
Mine is buckling just like this
by: Deborah

My pool is 13yrs old- does this make for any additional concerns? I am really worried about it - but not too sure if I should be....

It looks just like the one in the picture though.

Hi Deborah

I would not be too concerned, keep an eye on it and pack dirt around it if possible. If it continues to get worse, then it's time to worry.

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