Making Pool Smaller

by Hector

I have a 24 foot round Aqualeader Concerto which I'm trying to bring down to an 18 footer. Is it possible to remove some of the upper and lower rails to achieve my goal?

Hi Hector. It's not quite that simple. Most top rails and top plate set ups have several different hole combinations that allow the same rails and plates to be used on different sized pools. If that's the case with your pool then the rails should work by just leaving a few out.

The arc changes as you change pool size, so you need to use different holes when attaching the rails to the top plates. That part is usually easy. The harder part is finding a set of 18' bottom rails. The bottom rails have to be changed as you will need a set with a much tighter arc than your set of 24' rails have.

If you have the correct number of 18' bottom rails you will then need to cut the wall down to size. I do this by installing the wall and overlapping the new ending spot by about six inches. I then score the metal with a razor blade and bend the wall back and forth until it snaps.

I use the pre-existing set of holes as guides and drill a set of new holes and bolt the wall together. I then add a second row of bolts a few inches away from the first, this gives the wall plenty of strength.

The rest should go pretty easy.

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Make Big Pool Smaller

by Chris

I was given a massive 27' round above ground pool, since I have to buy a new liner is there anyway of making the pool smaller?

Hi Chris. Pools can be made smaller by replacing the bottom rails with the ones required for that size pool. The rails need to be by the same manufacturer and for the same model pool you are working on. Since a 27' pool will have a different arc than a 24' or a 21', changing the bottom rails is necessary.

In most cases the top rails are universal across many sizes of pools. They use a different hole set for each side. If your top rails have many extra holes at each end this is probably the case. You would just use a different set of holes for a smaller pool.

If you do not have extra holes to choose from you will have to make your own. The pool will not go together using the same hole pattern it had when it was a 27'.

When you have the new rails down, and the wall up, you will need to cut off the excess. I would overlap the ends by about six inches so you can run a double row of nuts and bolts. You can score the wall with a razor knife several times, bend it back and forth, and it should snap apart. That's easier than using tin snips on it. Either way, be careful, the edges of the wall can cut you real deep and real bad.

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Cutting Pool Wall From 27' to 24'

by Ken

Our local zoning is restricting the size of my pool to 24' based on lot size. I just obtained a used 27' pool not knowing the ordinance. The Aqualeader pool seems viable by leaving two segments out, but I would have to shorten the wall by 9'.

The trick would be bending and folding the cut end of the wall into triple thickness to handle the sheer-strength of the bolted seam.

Has this ever been done? Do you think it is doable?

Hi Ken. I have cut down quite a few pools over the years. On the wall joint I simply overlap the wall about 8" and run three rows of nuts and bolts. I start with the top, middle and bottom on the edge that already has holes pre-drilled and then I just start drilling holes and inserting bolts. I have never had a problem with this method.

I also make sure this seam is buried behind an upright so it is not visible.

When changing the size of a round pool you are also changing the radius. This means your bottom rails should be bent at a slightly different arc. You may get by with the ones you have by taking out a couple but I have always used a new set for the size pool I am trying to make.

The top rails will also fit different. They will be spaced different and will require different holes for putting the screws into. This usually is not a big problem, just some trial and error. Be sure to completely assemble the pool before attempting to install the liner. This way you know that everything works and fits correctly.

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Apr 28, 2014
changing pool size
by: karen

I have a above ground pool 18ft x 33ft oval. One of the panels are damaged and so we would like to decrease the size of the pool. Any ideas?

Hi Karen I would try to repair the wall before I tried to decrease the pool size. I'm not sure that is possible on oval pools, just round ones.

Jun 18, 2016
Make a pool bigger
by: Jenni

We have a 15 X 48, we need a new liner, could we buy additional legs/posts and an 18' X 48" liner to make it bigger? Intex white frame post style, thanks!

Hi I don't know for sure with an Intex type pool, but I doubt it.

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Convert Large Above Ground Pool To A Smaller One

by Spriggs810
(El Paso, AR)

We will be dismantling our 5 year old 33 ft round pool this fall with plans to reinstall it next spring; it needs a new liner. We did not consider the higher costs for this large of pool when it was purchased. Liners for 33 ft pools are almost twice as much as those for smaller pools and now would like a pool that is smaller. We are considering converting it to an oval shape (15 X 24) or smaller round pool (24 - 27 ft). Is this possible?

Hi Spriggs. Price wise I'm sure you will be much better off buying the larger liner and installing your 33 foot pool the way it was meant to be.

Changing a pool size is not as easy as just cutting down the sidewall. The arcs of bottom rails are different with every size pool. In order to make a pool smaller they all need replaced. It is even better if they are replaced with the same brand and style as the existing ones. This is not always easy to do.

Then you have the problem of the top rails not fitting. They all need re-arced also. The same hole pattern you originally used will work this time. If the rails have multiple holes, to be used on different size pools, you should be OK. If not, you will need to drill new holes in every top rail.

side braces for oval above ground pool
I would not even consider converting to an oval pool. Oval pools need side braces. To buy new side braces that would convert to the rest of your pool hardware would be very difficult, it is not something I would attempt.

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New Yard too Small for My Metal Frame Pool

by Crystal
(Anaconda MT)

Two years ago we bought a round 16' × 48" Intex metal frame pool. We used it just 1 summer and then moved. Our new home has hardly any yard. We just measured and found it's too small, it's a square/rectangle area that if we put the pool up, would actually touch the fence on either side. It took me years to be able to finally buy this pool, and I'm horribly disappointed to not be able to use it anymore. My question, is there any way to just order a new liner and change the size of the pool. Being we have all the parts for our 16' 48", could we use the same legs and order maybe a 14' or 12' x 48" instead. Or is there ANY IDEAS how to make the 16' round metal frame pool smaller or maybe a different shape, like rectangle?

Hi Crystal

I don't have enough experience with frame pools to know for sure. Most of my experience is with steel wall pools.

I will post this here in hopes someone else can help you.

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