Moles Under the Pool Liner

(North Carolina)

We have had our above ground pool for 9yrs and never had this problem.

We just replaced the liner for the first time, and now after 3 weeks of being in, we have tunnels in one area.

We are assuming it is a mole or a small snake. There is a pile of sand outside the wall of the pool.

So, now what?


The good thing is the liner is new so draining and re-filling will not be a problem. I would drain the pool, leaving just enough water in it to hold the liner in place and prevent too much shrinking. You would then remove enough top rails to let you pull the liner back out of the way in the area you need to work. One person in the pool can hold the liner back while another person makes repairs to the sand.

While in the pool you might get a better idea as to just what is causing the damage. Getting rid of the critter for good might be the hard part. There is some really stinky bug and critter poison that could be kept around the outside of the pool, this deters a lot of unwanted pests.

Traps might work or even an exterminator if needed. Maybe a neighbor has had similar problems and can offer advice.

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Jul 15, 2010
pesky moles
by: Jan

We have a 4" tunnel 1/3 way across our pool that appeared soon after we installed. This was 8 years ago. We didn't do anything about it, as we assumed that critter must have gotten squashed since it only went part way. Not the best thing to have in the pool, but not a huge problem.

May 31, 2011
help with moles under above ground pool liner
by: Anonymous

We just found out that we have mole under our liner. Last year a hole in the liner formed and water leaked everywhere! Please help if you know of any good and pet/child safe ways to get rid of the pests because the pool will collapse soon if not treated! help


The only for sure way I know of taking care of a mole problem is to set the pool on a concrete slab. There are other methods like setting the pool on carpet or several layers of heavy plastic.

Sep 04, 2011
Problems with moles also
by: Mark

After having my pool for 4 years I also developed "tunnels" but they were not near the sides of the pool so our local "experts" told me it was from "feeder" roots of my tree, about 25' away & that they are only alive until the tree's roots grow deep and then the feeder roots die & rot and my "tunnels" were from the ground over these "collapsing".

I listened to them and put in a "new" liner, first year was OK now this year they are back and about 3" wide and 3" deep, still not near the edges. Now I'm told that mole holes are not mostly "surface" tunnels but run mostly from 8" to 24" deep and the surface ones are just where they eat worms and grubs near the surface.

Supposedly no way to get rid of them except putting out "DURSBAN?" so you kill the grubs and worms and then they go over to your neighbors because they now have the good food supply. "Go figure". I'm hoping I can pull back this liner in the spring and "fix" the sand but its not recommended because it will be 2 1/2 years old, I'll just "live" with the tunnels until my liner really needs to be replaced.

Hi Mark

Pulling the liner back is a risk. I would not do it unless I had the means to replace the liner, just is case.

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