Moving Pool pump

by Thad
(Raleigh NC)

I have moved my 1.5 hp Hayward pool pump approx 12 foot from skimmer on my 21' above ground pool. Would it be better to attach hard pvc piping to deck support for a shorter run or run down into ground and then back up to pump/filter? By my estimate it will eliminate 6 to 8 foot of travel distance from skimmer to return. Also would it help to upsize piping from 1.5 inch to 2 or 3 inches to increase flow?

Hi Thad

I think either way would be fine as long as the water level is above the pump level, as above ground pools set on top of the ground would be. The pump is gravity fed and it should not make much difference with that short of distance. I would stick with the 1 1/2" pipe, no need to go bigger.

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May 11, 2018
Hard PVC runs
by: Art

Hard PVc is ok but some where in the run from your skimmer to your pump there should be a flexible hose. If the skimmer side of the pool wall moves in and out, Hard PVC will try to push or pull the pump. I placed a short piece of flexible hose on the skimmer the attached it to a hard PCV piping to the pump. As far as size..make life easy by using the same size as the connections. Mine is 1-1/2 doing this less parts / adapters are needed..I have my pipes where I can take them apart and put up for winter..

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