New Pool Rusting

by Nick

My pool is only 3-4 years old. Its a Sharkline Heritage 24' round. I started to notice rust around the out side of the pool wall and on the pool upright supports. I decided to move some of the stone away from the bottom and rust everywhere.

I do have a salt water system. The pool store informed me when I bought the pool this pool would be fine with a salt water system. Well I believe I fell for that one.

My main question is I would like to replace the uprights. I plan on doing this when I remove the winter cover and before I fill the pool(as of now the water level is below the skimmer). Can I replace the uprights without totally draining the pool if I do 1 at a time. My plan is to replace all uprights, use rust remover to rid the outside wall of rust, primer and paint the bottom of the pool wall.

Hi Nick

Your rust issues probably have nothing to do with your salt water system. That would normally affect the retaining rods and underside of top rails. Some soils are known to cause rust as well as some decorative rock. Taking care of the situation now is a very good idea.

You could probably sand and paint the the uprights the same as the wall without having to replace them. If you do replace your idea is correct, the pool about half full and 1 at a time.

You might try a black plastic barrier between the wall and your landscaping.

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