No Coping Used Over Liner

by Tom
(New hampshire)

We had an above ground over the wall liner installed but I notice no coping was used, only the track on top of it. Do I have to remove it all again?

Hi Tom.

There is a type of liner that goes over the wall but does not need coping. It is usually called a j-hook liner, or a hung liner. This type of vinyl liner has a hard plastic bead that hooks directly over the top of the pool wall. The retaining rods are then placed over top of the liner to stabilize the top of the wall.

You can easily tell of this type of liner was used by looking up under the top rail from the outside of the pool. With a j-hook liner you will not see any liner hanging over the wall. You might see a small amount of liner sticking out from under the rods, but it will be uniform in size all the way around the pool.

With an overlap liner you have much more liner visible from outside the pool. It should be very easy to tell the difference. If it is an overlap liner with no coping I would sure fix it.

Retaining rods are usually metal with plenty of sharp edges that could easily cut a vinyl liner. It that's the case I would take it apart ASAP and install the coping.

Some pools use resin retaining rods, these should not pose nearly as much problem for the liner. They probably are not fitting tight enough to hold the liner in place firmly. This you would have to decide yourself. If they are a loose fit over the liner, then I would add the coping. If they are snug, and holding the liner in place firmly, and do not look like they will cut into the liner, it might be alright the way it is.

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May 10, 2011
thank you
by: Tom

I looked at it last night and you are absolutely right. There was a stabilizer kind of track that is metal and was rubbing in two spots on the liner, i removed them, went to the store and bought some inexpensive coping and managed to complete half of the pool last night and will finish the other half tonight before filling it more than the 10 inches that i have it the bottom now.

thanks again!

You are very welcome.

I'm glad it is working out and there was no major liner damage. It sounds like you were lucky.

May 10, 2011
lucky - coping use
by: Tom

Yeah so we finished the coping this evening and found just two small nickel size tears in the liner, right near the top stabilizer rods/bars. The local pool guy gave us a clear patch kit with strong adhesive and said cut small round circles big enough to cover them and allow 24 hours before we put extensive pressure on them. They will never see water so I'm sure it will be ok (i hope).

Other than that the liner was in good shape (it was brand new) and we now have the top rails back on the pool and will finish filling tomorrow.

Thanks again and looking forward to keeping in tune with your site for other suggestions as well.

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