One Patio Block Not Level

by Julie

I am installing a 28' above ground Doughboy. We had started filling it, and noticed one leg leaning in considerably. There are about 6 inches or so of water in it. We know the paver is sitting too high, would I be able to fix without dis-assembly? Can I dig out under the patio block slightly?

Hi Julie

Now is the time to fix it, before any more water goes in the pool. You should have no problem lowering the block and the bottom rails from outside of the pool, even with a little water in it.

Your only concern will be the cove and base on the inside of the pool. It may lower with no noticeable difference, or you may need to pull the liner back and adjust the base and cove. Make your corrections to the block and rails and then check inside the pool. If it needs attention pull off about four top rails and try to pull the liner back. With someone inside the pool holding the liner back you can do any smoothing needed.

This might be difficult with 6" of water but with 2-3 inches it is no problem. And it is better to do this now than to finish filling the pool and wishing you had done it.

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Jul 05, 2014
cove strips
by: Anonymous

I have cove strips and sand beneath the pool. As I moved the block, some sand shifted down. The block is in place, all is level. It is noticeable on the pool floor somewhat. I can tell the cove strip is in place, there is a small dip in the sand. Is this okay? Thank you so very much!!!!!!!

Hi, The cove strip is the most important thing, the sand is just a matter of whether you want to take the time to smooth it out or would you rather just live with it. It won't hurt a thing.

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