One Piece Skimmer Gasket Question

by Bill C

I have my new liner installed and I got a question about the gasket.

It is a one piece style gasket, and my question is do I put it behind the liner?

I can mount it from the outside and mount the skimmer (using your instructions). Is that right?

So from inside out it would be:

Skimmer face plate, liner, inner side of one peice gasket, foam padding, aluminum wall, outer side of gasket then skimmer. Sound right?

Hi Bill

I think that sounds right. I am not sure what the foam padding is why it would go between the gasket and the wall. I put the gasket over the wall and then install the skimmer.

Most instructions call for cutting the liner and trying to get it behind the gasket on the inside of the pool. This is just insane to me and would only lead to leaks. Putting the gasket over the wall only protects the wall against rust and when properly installed will seal the skimmer just fine.

Some butterfly type gaskets are made on the small side. Extra attention needs to be paid to keeping the gasket pushed out as you are inserting the screws. The screws need to be going through the existing holes in the gasket, you should not be making new holes.

Check also to make sure you have gasket showing around the outside of the skimmer before tightening the screws. If you do not have gasket material visible below the skimmer chances are pretty good it is going to leak.

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Aug 05, 2011
Butterfly gasket
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your quick reply! This is my first pool, and I've learned a bunch from this site. Keep up the good work.

The foam padding was spray glued to the wall for a soft feel, and to help protect liner.

From the outside I can get the gasket in, and either install it over or under the foam wall padding.

I agree, getting the gasket to fit over the liner sounds difficult, which is why I seek the help of pros.

I just bought a new skimmer kit, and it didn't come with any diagrams or written instructions. I wanna get this right the first time.


I'm sure either way would be fine but I would probably put the gasket under the foam, it sounds like it might be easier.

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