Out of Level

by Sharon

We are installing an 18' round 52" high wall above ground pool. Throughout the process we were meticulous about keeping everything level. The ground was level, the support blocks, the support ring, the wall, the supports, etc.

Before installing the liner, we built our cove with sand, as recommended and also used a thin foam insulation typical to that used under hardwood floors. We did not level after that step and installed the liner and began to fill.

We realized that there was some unevenness in the pool area and removed some of the sand on the side that was higher. It appears that the cove on the one side may be the problem.

My question is, since the walls, supports and everything else is in level and the pool is perfectly round, will the sand issue work itself out or should we remove the liner and try to take out (or add) more sand?

thanks for your advice...Sharon

Hi Sharon. If everything is level like you say the sand base and cove could not be that far off. I would not worry about making the base perfect, just smooth.

But since you are having problems with the pool being uneven I would be checking is as the pool fills.

As soon as the water starts to climb up the sidewall start taking measurements. Measure from the top rails to the water level, all the way around the pool.

Do this often until the pool is at least half full. The water will always be level. If your measurements are well within an inch you are fine, if not, you leveling was not as good as you thought.

You have to trust this method, the water will always tell you if you are level or not.

If it is not level take notes, write down the measurement at every upright. You will then know exactly what needs done when you go to fix it.

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Jun 27, 2012
by: gary stinson

This sounds like a good way to tell if the ground is level after you put the pool up. How about before?

Hi Gary. A laser level is the best way that I know of. They are well worth the cost of the rental.

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