Outside Pool Backfill

by Ashley
(New York)

Once my pool is set up I have read that I should push dirt against the wall to prevent water from leaking underneath the pool. But my concern was that wouldn't the dirt eventually rot the walls because dirt holds moisture?

So after my pools set up should I be pushing anything against the outside walls? And if so should I be using sand instead of dirt?. Anyway, I am planning on putting gravel in a 3 foot perimeter around my pool, because the town requirements are 3 feet no sod around the pool. Please help need opinions!

Thank You

Hi Ashley

Three foot of no grass around pool, I have never heard of that being a town requirement, but I love it. That is exactly how above above ground pools should be landscaped, with anything besides vegetation.

You would probably find the area around your pool is hard to keep the vegetation out of because of the moisture from the pool, including the splashing of the water.

I recommend to all of my customers that they spray weed and grass killer around the pool. On top of that I recommend using a layer or two of black landscape plastic. Now you are all set for landscape rocks or a little sand and patio blocks.

There are all kinds of ways to install non vegetation borders around above ground pools.

As for the bottom rails, they have been well treated and a little dirt will not hurt them. On top of that very small amount of dirt lay your plastic. the plastic helps to protect the wall from rust and to keep rain water from washing stuff out from under the pool.

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Jun 27, 2012
Please help !
by: Monica

I don't know how to put the black plastic and the rocks around the outer pool. I really need someone to help me . Thank u, Monica

Hi Monica

I would start with some type of border a few feet away from the pool. Now you want to fill the area inside the border with plastic and rock.

There is no good way to go around a pool with a square piece of plastic so you will want to work with smaller squares. You will be overlapping the squares all around the pool.

Once an area is covered weight it down with rocks. You will need to trim excess plastic from against the pool and from the border.

It is time consuming but worth the effort.

May 27, 2015
Bottom rails and dirt
by: Anonymous

The bottom rails may be well treated but over time they will rust out when left in contact with dirt. After 11 years mine had 6 of 17 rusted and ruined needing replaced.

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