Oval Above Ground Pool Brace Problem

by Mike
(Moro, Illinois)

I had an 18' X 40' oval installed late last summer. About a week or 2 after being filled and ready to go, we noticed along the sides where the supports are a 2"X4" sized protrusion pushing up from under the liner from the side to a bout 2 to 3 feet out then it stopped.

Since then, the installer has had us drain it twice now to try and remedy this. The only thing that I have seen them do is pack more sand on top. I'm no engineer, but physics tells me that the pressure at the top of the pool is pushing the top of the support out and thus that bottom part connected to it up (Imagine an "L" shaped side brace).

Any thoughts before I toss the pool on the truck and go get my money back?

Thanks, Mike

Hi Mike.

The protrusion sounds like the channel the brace assembly is connected to. If I am understanding correctly, the water fills up, the top of the brace pushes out which would automatically raise the channel on the inside of the pool. If that's the case there are two things that should be preventing this from happening.

There should be a concrete block under the channel on the outside of the pool. This block is supposed to keep the upright from pushing out as the pool fills. If the block is set with the upright straight up and down it should stay that way, if it moves as the pool fills something is wrong.

The other force in play that keeps your uprights straight are the pressure plates on the inside of the pool. Steel plates should be covering these channels. They run parallel with the wall and cover the brace channels. These plates capture the weight of the water and keep the channels firmly in the ground.

If these pressure plates are properly installed and a block were left out from behind the brace the upright would still lean, but you would be seeing the pressure plate rise inside the pool, a much different shape than the shape of the channel you are describing.

Covering the exposed metal is obviously not taking care of the problem. These brace assemblies should not move at all as the pool fills.

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May 04, 2010
by: Mike

Your assessment is right on. It confirms what I read in the manuals and assumed all along. I followed up last night with the pool vendor. He has expressed his regret for a "installation Problem" and has vowed to remedy it this week.

I do remember seeing the patio block under the outside of the brace as well as the pressure plates...though for some reason I remember their orientation being different. Hopefully my wife or I can observe the repairs this week.

Thanks for you input, it's exactly what I needed.

May 29, 2011
need help with pool
by: Kelley

We have a 15 x 30 pool. Every year we worry about one corner. You can see the water is higher in the corner and uneven. My husband is fed up with it. We have had it fixed twice.

Is there a tool that I can put up against the beam for extra support? I do not want to drain the pool again and have it fixed by moving the sand around, again.

Jun 12, 2011
any updates?
by: Anonymous

Hello Mike, I was wondering if they came and fixed it correctly, and if so, how? I am having a somewhat similar problem.

Thank you

Jun 22, 2012
Liner on above ground pool
by: Lou

I have an 18'x33' oval above ground pool. The liner has formed a "ledge" on a three foot section of the pool where the bottom seam meets the sidewall. Some of the stone and sand around the pool edge where this "edge" is has sunk into the ground. One of the support plates is partially visible. How should this be fixed.

Hi Lou If the liner is sitting on bare metal the situation should be taken very seriously.

By that I mean the pool should be drained and repaired.

Jul 05, 2012
by: Mike

To no avail...the problem persists. I have decide to just swim in it until it leaks again, then have the store buy and install me a new liner. They have put 3 liners in already...can't be cheap. But, if they are willing to put a new one in and refund me the water bill, then I will swim with a bump in the bottom...

May 24, 2017
Pressure plates problem
by: Randy

I'm seeing my pressure plates rise inside my pool.

Hi This should not be happening, might be time to drain and fix the problem.

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