Patio and Deck Heaters

For A Comfortable Deck Or Patio Year Round

I just love these patio and deck heaters. What better way could there be to make your patio or deck more enjoyable year round.

Choose from propane or electric, but start enjoying your pool area a lot more with one of these handy, portable heaters.


table top heater
Prolong the summer experience with this electric patio heater.  This outdoor heater allows you to enjoy your deck or patio much later into the fall and earlier in the spring.  The deck heater is completely electric and plugs into a standard outlet, so there are no costly propane tanks to refill, and you'll consume minimal energy.  The 1200 watt electric tabletop patio heater is the perfect outdoor heat source for your deck patio, tailgate party or campsite.  It easily warms up to a 12 foot circle.

Below is a popular model sold on Amazon.


Patio Heater
AZ Patio Heaters HLDS032-GTTSS Portable Table Top Stainless Steel Glass Tube Patio Heater  (#ad)


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