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Carport covers can be built from many different types of material.  Our experience has been mainly with aluminum and wood.  We have just a little experience with steel.

aluminum carport cover with I-beams
If cost is a major factor for you I would look very closely at an aluminum cover.  They are hard to beat price wise.  Wood covers are the easiest to blend with your home and avoid the add on look.  Steel, or metal carport structures are usually strong but not always things of beauty.

A very simple and most affordable shade for your car or boat is the canvas cover. These can be either strapped around the vehicle or set on poles and used to cover it.

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This site covers just about every type of carport imaginable.  Poke around a little and I sure you will find an idea you can use.  The links below should get you started.  If you are still looking try our site map where every thing related to shade is listed.

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In the state of Arizona, building a carport is easy. Use this contact form for a fast and easy estimate on any carport cover project, large or small.  It is free and the response is fast. Or give me a call.

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