Shade Screens

For Your Home And Patio

The material used for shade screens comes in a large variety of colors and sun protection properties. The extrusion used in the frames of sun screen can be matched to just about any screen color for a pleasing addition to your home.

shade screen privacy panel
Screen material can also be used in a lot of different ways to shade and protect just about anything. From building privacy panels to wood framed covers over the garden, we will give you lots of ideas. We will show you how to get the screens that will give you excellent outward visibility, provide insect protection, protect your property against fading and sun rot, provide daytime privacy and reduce glare.

custom shade screens for mobile home
The photo above shows sun screens being used as a privacy panel.  The screens block out the afternoon sun for a better patio experience.  The screens to the right show that size and shape of the window are not a problem.  Custom screens can be made to fit any window.   The frames in this photo are black to blend with the screen. There are many color options to choose from in both screen color and frame color. The shade qualities vary slightly with the color of the screen as we will learn later.

Other uses for shade screens


shade screen in skylight
This is a screen installed into an outdoor skylight designed to reduce the morning sun coming into the atrium.  We make shade screens for indoor skylights on a regular bases, but this was the first outdoors.  The frame rests on four L brackets so removal is easy.


shade screens for privacy
These screens were installed simply for the privacy.  These are bath and shower windows and our customer wanted a little more privacy than what the fence allowed.  The screens worked out perfectly.


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