Pet Shade

Keeping The Pets Dry And Cool

Pet Shade is an important part of responsible pet ownership. We will help you find many different ways to keep your outdoor pets cool and dry. From a covered dog run to an eight stall mare motel, let us help you find the pet shade that is right for you.

Here are some economical options to consider when thinking about providing shade for your pets.

  •  Shade Sails or Canopies: Install shade sails or canopies in your pet's outdoor area. These affordable fabric structures can be easily attached to existing structures or supported by poles. They provide a good amount of shade and are available in various sizes and shapes to suit your pet's space.
  • Tarp or Tarpaulin: Use a tarp or tarpaulin to create a makeshift shade cover. Secure one end of the tarp to a fence, wall, or poles and stretch it across the pet's area, ensuring it provides ample shade. Secure the other end with stakes or ties. Tarpaulins are relatively inexpensive and readily available at hardware stores.
  • DIY Shade Structure: Build a simple and cost-effective shade structure using PVC pipes or wooden beams. Create a frame by connecting the pipes or beams to form a roof-like structure. Cover the frame with shade cloth or a tarp to provide shade. This option requires some basic DIY skills but can be a budget-friendly solution.
  • Umbrella or Patio Parasol: Place an outdoor umbrella or patio parasol in your pet's outdoor space to provide immediate shade. Choose one with a sturdy base and an adjustable tilt feature to ensure optimal shade coverage throughout the day.
  • Natural Shade: Utilize existing natural shade from trees or shrubs in your pet's outdoor area. If there are no natural shade sources, consider planting fast-growing trees or installing a trellis with climbing plants to provide shade in the long run. However, note that it may take time for the trees or plants to grow and provide sufficient shade.

Remember to ensure proper airflow and ventilation in the shaded area to prevent overheating. Additionally, always provide access to fresh water and a cool spot for your pet to retreat to, even within the shaded area. Regularly monitor your pet's behavior and well-being to ensure they are comfortable and safe in their outdoor environment.

Below are more examples of pet shade and where they can be purchased at bargain prices.  We have included shade for cats, dogs and other various farm animals.


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