Pet Shade

Keeping The Pets Dry And Cool

Pet Shade is an important part of responsible pet ownership. We will help you find many different ways to keep your outdoor pets cool and dry. From a covered dog run to an eight stall mare motel, let us help you find the pet shade that is right for you.

If you have any do-it-yourself skills at all, or even if you don't, I strongly recommend you Click Here! You will find plans for over 120 different outdoor pet shade projects that you could build yourself.

If you prefer to order pre-fab pet shade, no problem.  We have all of your pets well covered.

Side Table Pet House
This cat washroom hides the litter box.  It also acts as a functioning piece of furniture for your bathroom.  It includes a towel rack and storage area.  It's not exactly pet shade, but a good example of a pet accessory that can be ordered online.


The Bungalow Pet House
This is a pet shelter for small animals.  Make sure your outdoor pets have a place to get out of the sun and the rain.


Below are more examples of pet shade and where they can be purchased at bargain prices.  We have included shade for cats, dogs and other various farm animals.


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