Alumawood Patio Covers

Strong, Lightweight and Natural Looking

Alumawood Patio Covers might just be the perfect shade for you. With the great looks of the most expensive lumber, without the maintenance, these patio covers will look great year after year. And the options are endless.  Do you need lattice for partial shade or solid for rain protection.  Maybe you need insulated panels for a room enclosure, you can get that also.

Freestanding alumawood awning
Alumawood is strong and lightweight and therefore more versatile than wood. It can be used in place of wood for many different applications. Alumawood can be a privacy sunscreen for your patio area, a window awning to block out harsh sunlight, a deck or walkway railing, false beams for a ceiling, a shield for your storage area or just the greatest shade ever made. We will attempt to show you all the many wonderful ways Alumawood can be used.

The first photo shows an Alumawood solid freestanding awning.  In order to use the four post system we installed steel beams inside of the headers and used steel posts buried two foot in concrete. This is a viewing area for a horse arena.  While the students are taking their lessons the parents have a nice patio out of the sun.

Aluminum Lattice

Alumawood patio covers are made in two styles, solid and lattice.  The lattice covers can be made with 1 1/2" lattice or 2" lattice.  Lattice and solid panels can both be used in the same awning.  This gives a very nice effect, allowing protection from the rain in areas and a partial shade in others.

This type of patio cover can be fit into any size or shape you need. The pieces can be used in their standard sizes, or every piece can be custom cut.  We do that a lot to irregular areas or when an exact fit is needed, more exact than can normally be measured in advance.

alumawood lattice patio cover
This is a very large Alumawood lattice patio cover installed on a RV resort clubhouse in Mesa Arizona.  This all aluminum structure is really quite simple in design and easy to install.  The main components are the posts and post wraps, the header beam, the rafters and the lattice.  For long lengths like this one lattice splices are used to connect the lattice sections.  They are inserted over a rafter and cannot be seen.  The header splices are hid behind the post caps and are also invisible.

While you are here, take a few minutes and watch this video, about Alumawood by Amerimax.



If you still have questions about this type of patio cover or if you would like a free quote just contact us.  We offer installations all over the state of Arizona.

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