Pinhole At Top Of Liner

by Jamie

We were installing an overlap liner and the edge of the coping strip put a pinhole size hole in the top part of the liner, can we patch it with something? Can we still fill it up? What are your recommendation?

Hi Jamie

I have had similar things happen to liners right up around the top during installation. I have had them snagged with coping or cut into by a top cap while trying to straighten an upright.

If the hole was very near the top I would just pull the liner over the wall a little more so the hole was on the outside of the pool.

While the pool is still apart it's very possible to get in behind the liner and install a patch that will never be seen, and never come off. If the pool is completed maybe that spot is a great place for one of the Do Not Jump stickers, I've done that before.

Patch kits work just fine and every pool owner should have one. Patch it, fill it up and enjoy it.

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