Pool And Six Kids

by Lora

Hey Dennis, I have six kids, and for twenty-five years (and counting) I have seen them try to kill themselves (in rotation, of course) at least once a week. It is a wonder and an astonishment that I have even one ounce of pigmentation left in my hair!

Children are in constant peril, but I think one of the real dangers with young children and pools is that they see it as fun and they fearlessly go into the water.

This is an ugly subject... and I force myself to write it.

I know of two children personally that have drowned in pools. One child in a neighbor's pool, and the other child on the day that the family was busy moving into their new home.

What makes pools especially dangerous is that there is usually not a second chance. The first accident is basically all there is, and it's over.

To have a pool is a HUGE responsibility to your own children as well as to neighbor children. Every possible precaution must be well thought out and taken.

We rented a home for two years that had a built in pool -- and one of my children was in the high risk age category, 2-4 years old (she's five now!) .

Not only did I constantly tell the children of all the horrors of the pool and threaten them with beatings if they ever went into the pool yard or left the gate opened, (or opened it period!) I also took some extra measures...

I was fearful that some bright and sunny morning my little one would venture out while I was asleep. I put latches high up on both my front and kitchen doors so that they couldn't be reached or opened and no one could sneak out.

The children also had "swimming lessons" every time they were in the pool.

We did have a lot of fun with the pool - tons of fun with the pool. But it must be recognized for the danger that it is. As long as there are children around, you can never be complacent. It requires constant vigilance.
There are no second chances.

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Aug 04, 2008
Patio Door Locks
by: Dennis

Lora, thanks for your time. You are so right, kids do try to kill themselves on a daily basis. As a parent, sometimes it just feels like, if you can keep them alive until they are 18 you have done a good job.

Something I have not seen mentioned yet are the patio door locking devices. I remember having installed a few of those over the years. They are great for keeping burglars out of your house and keeping your kids in.

Yes, pools can be a lot of fun. And so can swim lessons. Some of my best pool time was spent teaching little ones how to swim. To see them years later win the big swimming race at the state finals is a good feeling also.

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