Pool Base Frame

by Mike D
(Yonkers, NY)

Pool base frame

Pool base frame

Hi, I have a new 15'round above ground pool I would like to install in a 20'x 18' area. (see picture) The framing is solid, dirt is firmed and packed. It is a perfect spot for this pool.

However, every time it rains hard water pools and sits for a day or two. I was thinking of placing 2"-3" of compacted gravel then set the pool on that and back fill with more gravel. How does this sound to you?

Thanks, Mike D

Hi Mike

I would set the pool right on the base you have now. Vinyl liners and rocks are not a good mix and I would keep them separated if at all possible.

After the pool is set you could lay landscape plastic around the pool and put your rocks on that. If you could then find a way to drain the excess water out of the pool area you would have it made. If not, the plastic would at least keep the water away from the pool base so it would not harm the pool.

If you decide to raise the area consider a layer of dirt over the gravel, then a thin layer of sand under the liner. This would work also, just be sure all rocks are well covered.

landscaping around an above ground pool

It is fine to use rocks to landscape around an above ground pool. The only thing you want to avoid is water sitting around the pool every time it rains.

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