Pool Cleaner Liner Damage

by Peter
(Ipswich Queensland Australia)

I have an above ground pool in the ground, so to speak. I have recently purchased a 'Barracuda' pool cleaner. I did not attach the AD flow valve but basically attached the Barracuda to the skimmer box. I also kept adjusting the water flow as with an above ground pool, the skimmer box and inlet valve are close together.

The Barracuda was often stuck/trapped near the steps. I then noticed a 35mm gash in the pool liner where the Barracuda had been stuck. I mean, can the Barracuda actually cause this??

Is there too much pressure being applied to my pool liner and can the AD Flow Valve prevent this type of suction???

Hi Peter.

The flow valve might help keep the cleaner in motion and is certainly worth a try.

Vinyl liner pool cleaners can be very abrasive on the liner if they have a favorite spot they tend to hang out at, they need to be in motion.

Constant tweaking on the angle of the return jets, the length of the hose, the spacing of the weights, if any, and the amount of suction going to the unit all play a part.

Unless you can find that perfect setting, the one that will keep the cleaner in motion at all times, it's best to use it only when it can be monitored. They really do not need to run all the time.

I run mine when I am doing yard work or in the pool floating, that way I know the cleaner is moving and doing it's job.

My customers that think they have to run the cleaner whenever the filter runs usually have their liners replaced every year or two. Normally it's just pin holes, not what you are describing, but a leak is a leak.

Hopefully you can get your liner patched and learn from this. With Boxer glue and some original vinyl a patch should last as long as the rest of the liner.

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