Pool Cove Washed Out

by Rich
(Long Island)

I recently had a hose burst and the stream of water pointed directly where the pool wall (outside) meets the ground. The stream wore away a lot of the sand from under the pool liner about the size of a grown mans shoe.

My question, is it dangerous? Can the pool burst? How can I fix it? I guess it was 3 questions, not 1, thanks in n advance.

Hi Rich. I have had a little success with forcing sand back into the opening from the outside of the pool with the pool still full of water. It's hard, if not impossible, to get enough sand in there to make it look like new again, but you can get enough to keep the liner off the pool frame.

The pool frame is the key as to whether it's dangerous or not. If the liner is resting on bare metal I would be making repairs fast. If it's just a dip, but not all the way down to the pool bottom rail, it might be OK to leave it. It will make cleaning more difficult but should not cause any other problems.

Pull liner back to make cove repair

To repair it correctly the water should be drained down to just a few inches. Do not drain the pool all the way, leave a few inches in the pool. Drain, repair, and refill as quickly as possible to reduce the chance of the liner shrinking. To make the repair, remove about three top rails, and have someone hold the liner back out of the way. Replace the cove and smooth it out, this can usually be done from outside the pool with a shovel and then a broom for smoothing. The liner can then go back in place, held with cloths pins until the coping and rods are in place.

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Pool Cove Washed Out Twice

by Kimberly
(Stewartstown, PA)

We had an above ground oval 15x24x52 pool installed in fall of 2010 by a professional pool company. When we opened the pool for the first time , summer of 2011, we noticed the cove was washed out in several places.

We were told to use the pool for the summer and they would fix it at the end of the summer and guaranteed it would not happen again. I did ask for a new liner because I was afraid the integrity of the liner was compromised.

Well, just took the cover off and the cove is washed out again, probably worse than the first time. They mentioned doing a semi hard cove. I have no idea if this is the correct thing to do or go with those foam coves. Any info on this would be helpful.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

Hi Kimberly. I would use the foam cove, that would make it just about impossible to get a cove washout.

It is nice that the installers are working with you, but to bad you are still having problems. I hope they get it right for you.

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