Pool Drownings

by Dennis

Children drown in swimming pools many times a day. This all happened in the last day and a half and all of them in above ground pools. I am sure you could add a lot more if you included lakes, rivers, public pools and in ground pools. We need to do more than just watch our children around water. That’s a good start but it is not enough.

A 15 month old girl died after falling into an above ground pool. This happened in Frederick County. A 3 old girl died in Kansas yesterday. She lived at the hospital for three days after being pulled from a pool.

In Wolcott a 45 year old man is in critical condition after being found at the bottom of a swimming pool. It has not been determined why he was there. A 46 year old woman was found dead in her pool near Springfield. She had just gone out for an evening swim. It is not just children that drown. Grownups need to think about things like alcohol consumption and health conditions.

A 2 year old boy drowned in a pool while playing in a yard with his twin brother and 2 other friends. This happened in Golden Beach. A relative had been watching the boys. She went inside to get some medicine and make a phone call.

This story out of Newnan really brings home the truth about how fast it can happen. A 2 year old girl was at her grandmas playing with friends. One of the kids threw a shoe in the pool and told her to go get it. She never came out of the pool. In plain view of other kids yet she was dead before they got her out of the pool.

Yes, these are stories that no one wants to hear. Please keep your pool kid safe.

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Jul 25, 2011
by: Anonymous

Sorry, this is the worst thing! Please be SAFE!!

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